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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Mary's Suicide was

NOT My Fault

5/20/2012 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert F. Kennedy Jr
. is ADAMANT the suicide of his wife -- Mary Richardson Kennedy -- was not his fault ... but apparently Mary's siblings aren't buying it.

During Mary's funeral -- held Saturday at St. Patrick's Church in Bedford -- RFK Jr. publicly proclaimed that a friend told him not to blame himself for Mary's death, saying, "I know I did everything I could to help her."

The memorial -- which was boycotted by Mary's 6 siblings -- came just one day after a colossal legal battle erupted between RFK Jr. and Mary's biological family -- each side wanted to claim Mary's body for burial.

RFK Jr. won the battle courtesy of a judge  ...  which allowed him to retrieve Mary's body from the medical examiner -- just hours before the wake.

Mary hanged herself Wednesday.  She was 52.


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Nobody can stop someone from committing suicide if they really want to die. I understand why they want to support their sister, but if people are going to blame anyone, then everyone who was in her life needs to accept responsibility. And whether they like it or not, they were still legally married, and he had every legal right to claim the body.

855 days ago


She chose that manner of suicide to take the cool out of RFK, Jr.

855 days ago


I see a lot of early comments here were friends of Mary. You were not inside their marriage and you only knew what she said. Even friends said she suffered from depression her whole is he responsible for that too?

855 days ago


Larry David, John McEnroe, Dan Ayckroyd, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Cheryl Hines (his present squeeze) were all there---in support of the monster RFK Jr. He's a womanizing, abuser, adulterer, drug using fraud. What are these "hollyweird types" doing supporting this mans lifestyle and the Kennedy Mens curse on women? And they tell us they're Party is the one that cares about Women...These Kennedy's and their women--it always ends up badly it seems. Stay away from RFK jr and dont buy into this phony Green environmental is only enriching him..Good Luck Cheryl Hines---please dont strive to become a Kennedy Woman...Larry David, why not make an episode of Curb about the Kennedys and their curse and abuse towards women? I'm sure you could find humor in there somewhere since you're friends with this abusive fraud.

855 days ago


Since when is suicide someone else's fault? There is only one person to blame and that's the coward that commits it. Everyone has hard times in life. You deal with it and press on, and if you can't you get help. I have no sympathy for someone that does that. It's prob the most selfish thing someone can do.

855 days ago

juggalo 6    

A judge chooses the ex husband over the family? Sounds corrupt to me. RFK and family have been murderers since the days of Al Capone and the Chicago Outfit. This whole story makes me sick. The Dems should be outlawed from American politics.

855 days ago


He harassed her relentlessly, of course it was his fault. And blood on hands of Cheryl Hines too, these are pit vipers not humans.

855 days ago


I guess the vow, "for better or for worse" means nothing. Why take the vow if you aren't going to honor it?

855 days ago


"Junior" can be accused of going out and "doinking" celebs. That's all! But, his former wife solely made the decision, herself, to take her own life, period! She did this to herself! She can blame nobody, except Mary Kennedy for her untimely, unnatural death.

855 days ago


"I know I did everything I could to help her."

Yeah, like having a public affair with Cheryl Hines. Typical help from a Kennedy man.

855 days ago

buzz kill    

Yeah, he helped her alright. He drove her to drink with his womanizing, flaunting his relationship with another woman in public and cutting off financial support and not settiling their divorce. He helped her alright, the only one he helped was himself. Once a Kennedy always a Kennedy.

855 days ago


Chery Hines might want to Curb her enthusiasm !
The Kennedy clan is poison.

855 days ago


#21-"Q"--you seem so angry at so many--why? I hope all these people with their anger start thinking about the four children who lost their mother, and how to make their environment as positive and healing as possible for them.

855 days ago


Of course it’s your fault, you cheated on her throughout your marriage! Now you and your s***bags family and pals are trying to cover your dirty tracks by making her look bad. You claim that you left her years ago. Lies! There are plenty of photos of the two of you together right up until you filed for divorce. - even after. And not only at functions involving the kids. Your wife died of a broken heart because you couldn’t keep it in your pants and made her feel worthless. You killed her soul years ago, she merely finalized her death in that barn. You and hussy Hines must be so pleased.

855 days ago


Was it depression or was it a broken heart? Mary had lost or was in the process of losing - her husband, her children (Bobby was going for full-custody), the Kennedy family (she was no longer welcome), their friends (they all sided with the one who had the Kennedy blood), and would most likely have lost her home.

855 days ago
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