Cover Band to Van Halen Finish What Ya Started ... or We Will!

5/20/2012 8:45 AM PDT
A Van Halen cover band says that if the real Van Halen is too "burnt out" and too old to finish their postponed tour dates ... they are more than happy to take over.

Van Halen (the real one) cancelled the remainder of their 2012 tour on Friday, saying they needed to "re-charge their engines." They will be offering refunds for all the disappointed fans.

Joe -- who plays guitar in the Van Halen Army, a popular VH tribute band -- tells TMZ, "They have an obligation to fulfill ... somebody signs up to do the job they should complete it. Concerts these days cost a lot of money, they can't let the fans down ... they need to fulfill their end of the deal."

Joe also says, "We could easily do it -- our singer sounds exactly like David Lee Roth!"

Yeah, totally the same thing.