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Billboard Awards Showdown

Whitney's Family Demands

Ray J Move ... Or Else

5/21/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ray J
was almost physically removed from the Billboard Music Awards last night after angry members of Whitney Houston's family ordered their security to get him away from them ... TMZ has learned.

Pat Houston's blood was boiling because she, Bobbi Kristina and other family members were seated next to Ray J, the person Pat believes was a very bad influence on Whitney. Minutes before the tribute to Whitney, Pat asked her security to remove Ray J from his seat, but he refused to budge.

Our sources say ... Pat's security summoned hotel security, along with several uniformed officers to physically remove Ray J. 

Just before push was about to come to shove, security warned Pat that things would likely get physical and it would almost certainly be caught on video, just as Whitney was about to be honored.  Sources say Pat then grudgingly recanted and Ray J kept his seat.

For his part, Ray J groused to friends, "Pat ruined what was a great opportunity to honor the woman who I loved."


11:40 AM PDT -- A rep for the Houston family tells TMZ ... Pat's assistant DID ask for Ray J to be moved from his seat ... but only after an official from Billboard told the family they needed to move to the seat that Ray J was already using.

Since Ray J had a ticket with the proper seat number, he refused to budge ... so Pat's assistant called for security to help sort out the situation.

The Houston family rep insists Pat does not have a problem with Ray J.


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so now that the houston family has this dumb reality show we're gonna be buried in these kinds of stupid stories, do you think for a serious second ray j wasn't in on the whole thing, it's called PUBLICITY

863 days ago


How ridiculous. According to her money grubbing relatives, everyone was responsible for the fact the Whitney was a drug addict except for Whitney.

What a bunch of under-educated losers...

863 days ago


Whitney's family wants to blame everybody else for her death when all they need to do is accept the fact that Whitney herself is to blame - no one else.

863 days ago


Pat Houston sister-in-Law so called manager, now no manager did pull a Kanye West.

If Houstons WILL is true. Everything goes to her daughter. Bobbi Kristina doesn't have any talent but will get the money. So where does that leave Pat. No where.

863 days ago


Who the F is Pat anyway? Ray is the one who spent the last days w/ her.. Pat wants her name in the press and she got it. If she didnt want to sit next to him her fat ass should have moved.

863 days ago


Ms. Pat has to understand her daughter was groan and made poor choices and with every poor choice is a consequence. So accusing every man she was involved with is not right. Did she forget RJ is only 12!

863 days ago


How many others will this family blame for their druggie daughter?

863 days ago


such a pretty lady but someone gave you very bad advice on that hair, doesn't suit you at all.

863 days ago


Whitney's family sure spends a lot of time placing blame on everyone else for Whitney's issues. At what point do they realize and/or accept that Whitney played a big part in her own life too!

863 days ago


So tired of this freakin' family acting like the victims of a crime and everyone around them is the criminal. Get over yourselves already. I'm beginning to see why Whitney did drugs, what a screwed up, self centered family she had. You guys are unknown relatives of a drug addict... not God damn royalty. YOU move! I wish some of these people would fight back.. I know they don't because unlike this family they actually have an ounce of respect for their friend who died.

863 days ago


This is wrong in so many ways, first family I loved her voice and everything I have read about her she seemed like a nice person, BUT STOP BLAMING

863 days ago


I thought Whitney was amazingly talented. Her family is turning her death into drama and hate. Why do they feel the need to verbally (and apparently now physically) attack the people she had in her life? They are blaming everyone for her downfall when Whitney was a grown@ss woman who could make her own choices and decisions, no one forced her to do anything. So her family needs to stop making a scene and calling out her friends and boyfriends for 'being a bad influence'. They need to let this crap go and get on with it. They look like the @ssholes now, especially at an awards ceremony where they're about to honor her? To complain that Ray J is sitting near them? Give me a break, people, you sound and look ridiculous!!! You don't get to decide who was in her life and who sits where...get over yourself and stop this poor behavior! And stop trying to control Bobbi, she's old enough to make her own decisions about who she dates, who she sees (her dad!) and where she're only going to push her away!!

863 days ago


Dear Pat, please go away. Thank you.

863 days ago


This is wrong in so many ways, first family I loved her voice and everything I have read about her she seemed like a nice person, BUT STOP BLAMING everyone else, she was a drunk and a junkie that's on her NO one else. People can be a bad influence but we all can say no she I'm sorry to say, said yes all the time. So grow a set and stop it.

863 days ago


Whitney was an addict. The family should have spent more time focusing on her than blaming everyone else. Whitney picked two "bad boys" who were younger than her...first Bobby then Ray J as a result of her existing addiction. Stop pointing fingers and start looking at what happened in her younger days that drove the addiction. Odds are the family has more influence than Bobby or Ray J!

863 days ago
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