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Bobbi Kristina

Underage Gambling

in Las Vegas

5/21/2012 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Whitney Houston
's 19-year-old daughter got away with a crime that everybody gets away with in Vegas ... she gambled underage ... and it was all caught on tape.

Bobbi Kristina was facing off with a slot machine at the MGM Resort and Casino Saturday night ... while hanging out with her 22-year-old boyfriend Nick Gordon.

It's unclear if Bobbi actually won any money ... but it's highly unlikely she walked away with anything significant ... because casinos usually require an I.D. before handing over large prizes ... and ya gotta be 21 to gamble in Vegas.

In fact, people under the age of 21 are usually forbidden from hanging out ANYWHERE in the casino area ... so it's a bit surprising BK was able to pull up a chair and hang out with the one-armed bandit for as long as she did.

Bobbi Kristina was in town to attend the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday ... where she accepted the Millennium Award on her mother's behalf.

A rep for the Houston fam who had no comment.

A rep for the MGM Grand tells TMZ, the casino is currently looking into the incident.


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Nothing happened to her when they caught her doing coke - why do you think THIS is worse than doing drugs???

854 days ago


Celebs and kids of celebs and get away with anything they want.

854 days ago


"Whitney Houston's 19-year-old daughter got away with a crime that everybody gets away with in Vegas ... she gambled underage"

OH NO STOP THE PRESSES!!! The people commenting here are so stupid. "OH NO SHE'S GOING DOWN THE SAME PATH AS WHITNEY!!!"

For god's sake, I've never smoked, drank, used drugs, or done anything illegal, but even I have been to Las Vegas, sat at the machines, and could have easily gambled if I wanted to. Getting a speeding ticket is much more reprehensible than putting a coin in a slot machine and the commenters here are acting as if she's smoking crack.

854 days ago

BB not bb    

Like your parents never bought you a lottery ticket when you were under age or anything like that? This is starting to sound like tattle taling. Whatever she does, someone is there to ask if she is going off the rails. Maybe she is just putting the quaters in for her legal age boyfriend who wanted to gamble and they wanted to spend time together. This isns't the crime of the century.

I guess her new reality show will be a hit because people are already trying to watch every little thing she does. Did they catch her having a sip of beer too or something astonishing act of debauchery?

854 days ago


Where I live in Canada the legal age for drinking and gambling is 18. I lived in another country where there was no legal drinking age (it's now 18) and teenagers or young adults didn't go crazy for alcohol or be drunk and disorderly like American college students and teens when they're on holiday in Mexico. Just know your limit and there's no problem.

854 days ago


Wow, that casino must be short on security. I live in Michigan, and I usually go to Greektown Casino in Detroit. The staff are always on guard to check IDs. To bad she's not in Michigan. There is at least two casinos( Soaring and Saganing Eagles), that will allow someone her age on the gaming floor with proper ID.

854 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Don't tell me, Whitney won the Millennium Award because she look like she was about a thousand years old by time she died of drugs.

854 days ago


Oh please people. You act like you have never breaking any law or rules. Vegas is vegas and when i was her age I did the same thing and was drinking as get over it..Growth took over along with responsibility and i dont do that anymore..but with what Bobby experienced and seen her parents had done, she should be in a far worst shape than what she is now...its not all because of granny taking over, its because she knew she didn't want to be like that...TMZ , this was a waste of a opinion will only change if you catch her snorting it up..other than that this story is "FAIL"

854 days ago


Why is this even a story? Bobbi Kristina isn't a star or even a potential star. I don't care what Whitney's mama says, Bobbi can't sing so no one cares what she does.

854 days ago


She looks high...I hope I am wrong.
Whitney was a bad example.
She got what she deserved.

854 days ago

Enough Already    

Right, wrong or indifferent, the most frightening thing is that someone was lurking around her and videoing her unbeknownst to her. Whether its her, other celebritries or the average, it's scary to think that there could be someone out there videoing you at anytime, any place. This is a f**cked up world we live in..........

854 days ago


At least she isn't doing drugs. Why didn't the casino kick her out?

854 days ago


I wouldn't know. There was a big TMZ logo and breaking news banner obscuring their faces.

854 days ago


If I cant do it, she can't do it, bitch.

854 days ago


I will not feel safe until that girl is in Jail.

853 days ago
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