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Bobbi Kristina

MGM Grand Investigating

Underage Gambling

5/21/2012 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The MGM Grand in Vegas has launched an internal investigation into video footage showing Whitney Houston's underage daughter Bobbi Kristina gambling at its casino this weekend.

TMZ posted the video this morning ... showing 19-year-old Bobbi hitting the slots Saturday night with her 22-year-old boyfriend. Bobbi was in town to attend the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

A rep for the MGM tells TMZ, it is now looking into the incident. 

The Nevada Gaming Commission has also launched its own investigation into the footage.

Underage gambling is a misdemeanor in Nevada, punishable by up to 6 months in county jail or $1,000 fine. The MGM Grand could be subject to an even heftier fine.


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My Big Salami    

You can be ANY age to gamble in Las Vegas....You only have to over 21 if you win and try to collect your winnings!....

849 days ago


TMZ please. Stop stalking this girl. Leave her alone, and let her live her life. This obsession looking for anything to create a story on this young lady is so sleazy on your part.

849 days ago


forget the underage gambling thing. i want to know how Bobbi has a gap between her front teeth to drive a truck through.

849 days ago


What talent does this girl have other than a dead mother and a wacked out father? She's not attractive, can't sing, dance or otherwise. Are we now showering fame on those who just happen to be related to someone?

849 days ago


Who cares??? It was slots, if she wins they just dont payout.

849 days ago


I saw her on youtube singing 'Someone Like You' by Adele. I wasn't impressed.
If you didn't know it was Bobbi K, it could pass for anyone. It's sad how average her voice is.

849 days ago

just my opinion    

seriously, how many underaged people vacationing with family haven't played a slot machine. who cares.

849 days ago


why does every one have to be so mean and harsh - she's only 19 years old, and you can't pick your parents, so it's not like she any one as a role model, so none of this bullying will help

849 days ago


Rich parents, all of her life, and she can't get that gap fixed in her teeth? I know Bobby Brown has that going on, but it's unattractive, on the daughter.

849 days ago

BB not bb    

The reason why people have gaps in their front teeth is becuase the gums grow in between them. You can't keep them together even with braces unless you always wear a retainer. It is different, it isn't bad. People complain about every little thing like it is a big deal.

So what is up with putting a teenager in jail for six months for gambling? That is very unnecessary and over the top. I think all kids gamble in one way or another, making bets, playing poker or even roulette at a carnival. Oh my, they should all be in jail?

If she put quaters in a machine for her boyfriend, is that even gambling? He is the one who would collect the jackpot. It is like someone bringing their kid to a bar and having him pass you the beer.

She is in mourning and they want to make her worry about jail now? That is really mean.

849 days ago


She needs to gamble on some new teeth. Hideous!

849 days ago


How is it that with parents that rich, the girl grew up to be that ugly??? I knew mama was smoking rock, but didn't they have no granny or nothing, geez some braces or a baseball bat woulda helped.

849 days ago

Randall Burns    

this girl is going to be a problem. it's so sad but she's damaged goods. they should not be talking about a reality series dealing with the loss of whitney houston. leave this child alone...she's probably raised her mother all her life.
this is a cheap shot and i know it but why didn't whitney, with all her money, have this child's teeth fixed? i mean duhhhhh....

849 days ago


TMZ is like the little twerps in grade school who tattle tale on everyone. Shameful.

849 days ago

JEWremy LIN     

Well at least this crackbaby will be broke so she can get on Medicaid and get some braces. Since her mom wasted her trust fund on crack and not dental visits.

849 days ago
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