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Dog Chapman's Show


5/21/2012 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog "The Bounty Hunter" Chapman will have more time on his hands to catch criminals, because his show on A&E is being canceled ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected with the show tell us ... Dog's people and A&E have been negotiating, but the network has now decided to pull the plug and not do season 9.

One source connected with Dog tells us the cancellation is based on "creative differences."  But here's the reality ... saying "creative differences" is like breaking up with a girl and saying, "It's not you, it's me."


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Jon Ciotti    

Thank you Lord!! This show was never about bounty hunting, it was about how the most dysfunctional family in the world could make it on television, the American Dream at it's finest. It was like a cross between "Swamp People" "The Wild Man" "Billie The Exterminator" and "The Kardashians" all mixed together. And Beth, should I have to say anymore? You talk about "TrailerTrash." My mom was born and raised in Hawaii and my sister and I were also born in Hawaii. I am so embarrassed of this show and how it some how represents Hawaii and my hard working brothers & sisters, what a complete fraud. To see these 2 yahoo's, Dog & Beth, thinking all they have to do is change their accents when they speak with adding in the word "BRA" a few times and they are automatically Island Natives, give me a break. Did you ever notice the difference when Beth is speaking with her family versus when she is speaking with the Island people? Watch the show and see how her accent changes and the so-called Island words she uses, it is so amusing. I am so glad this thing called a show is going to be off the air.

891 days ago


What a shame that "Dog the Bounty Hunter" show is being canceled. I love seeing that eventually those who break the law and harass others get their due punishment. I really enjoy seeing a woman, Beth, who is strong, intelligent, and will jump in a "bust" with the rest of the men. While Beth's life is not perfect - whose life IS perfect -- she has turned her life around and is a responsible and dedicated, wife, mother and businesswoman. A&E really needs to rethink this cancellation because it is definitely NOT in the best interest of A&E to take this show out of their programming.

891 days ago


Finally!, I can't imagine what sort of idiot, or God bless them mentally handicapped person was entertained by that show. They were all identical, and Beth, well what can you say about her? one word…GROSS. Hopefully this will be the first of many "Reality Shows" to bite the dust.

891 days ago


To hunt people for a living, you go and do that instead you sit in your living room! I give him and his family credit for saving a lot of life's people on deaths door crack addicts, meth, doing a dangerous job. I know i hunted people for 20 years you dumb asses. also every one is a little or a lot raciest. Ask your self why do they have bet. on tv. think about it.

891 days ago


that family did a good and dangerous job, none of you will get our of your chair and hunt people that break the law. helping addicts have a chance, crack, meth. And by the way every one is a little raciest at times. You have Oh the N word. and what about BET I don't see WET open your eyes dumb asses

891 days ago

jac smith    

what no more mullet, big boobs, fake reality ??? what is this world coming to?

891 days ago


Good run. time to leave

891 days ago


YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

890 days ago

EZ Bail Bonds     

Running a Bail Bond Agency isn't EZ. I commend them on Finding Time to Deal with Reality, TV, Courts, Police, Criminals and Families... If you ever Need Bail in Cleveland, Ohio

890 days ago


lol i get a little chuckle at you folks baggin on these reality shows then come to a POS gossip site like this thinking its real news. You're too funny.
2.5mil watched 2012 season opener for Dog. Bet u were one of 'em.

889 days ago


"Creative differences" always means money. Dawg must want a bunch more of it.

888 days ago


About time!

887 days ago


No..that is bull..Dog is a great show..

885 days ago

Freddie Bryan    

I think they should put It on another channel. Dog and His Family are great. They could come up with something to keep it on.

884 days ago


I have a Criminal Justice degree. When you grab a fugitive and put him in a vehicle to take to jail. It is illegal to talk to that fugitive. Anything you say can be used in court and that bounty hunter could be called into court. This proves how much of a fake that show is. Plus, that religion garbage was so fake it was pathetic. If Dog had religion in the first place when he was young he never would of been in jail. All of these convicts that find "God" in prison are fake. While I wish the Dog well, he asked for the cancellation by his actions so good riddence.

883 days ago
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