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Travolta Masseurs' Lawsuit

Lawyer #1 Suing Gloria

5/21/2012 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:53 PM PDT -- Gloria just released a statement ... insisting she will file a counterclaim against Okorocha for defamation.

Allred adds, "Doe #1 and Doe #2 contacted me seeking representation, and we have the evidence to prove it."

"Mr. Okorocha's lawsuit will be dismissed, and we will ultimately recover a judgment against him."

The lawyer who filed a lawsuit against John Travolta on behalf of two masseurs is suing Gloria Allred for allegedly stealing one of his clients, calling her an ambulance chaser and claiming "She ain't been in a courtroom in 20 years."

Okorie Okorocha just filed the lawsuit, claiming Gloria approached the second masseur -- John Doe #2 -- asking him to fire Okorocha and hire her.

As we reported, Okorocha dropped the first masseur -- John Doe #1 -- after TMZ broke the story that Travolta was in New York -- not anywhere near Beverly Hills -- on the date the alleged sexual assault occurred.

In his lawsuit, Okorocha says Doe #1 hired Gloria, and then she made her play for the other masseur. 

Okorocha attached text messages to his lawsuit between himself and Doe #2, in which Okorocha wrote, "I can't believe f**king Allred called you."  He added, "She ain't been in a courtroom in 20 years.  Just doing stupid ass press conference side shows."



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Gloria Allred looks like Yoda, not as wise as him though.

850 days ago

jimmy caledonia    

well, this should be fun all around. maybe we'll actually get to the real story behind how okorocha, a lawyer touting himself as 'mr. dui', actually managed to get doe #1 in the first place.

850 days ago


Maaaannn, this is spreading faster than Jon Gosslin can run from Kate! I can smell a reality show on the horizon: WHEN SHARKS ATTACK!

850 days ago


What a crazy circus this all is. This John Travolta vs. The Masseurs vs. The Lawyers saga would make for a great Broadway musical!

850 days ago


The thing about whore-ia allred is, she's a mean, nasty bitch who is hyper aggressive. I hope he finds a way to use that against her & humiliate the stupid bitch...

850 days ago


That poor guy should know better than to sue Satan!!!
Look into her cold black eyes and you will know who is going to win.

850 days ago


Money Hog vs Attention Hog

850 days ago


LA-KakaRocha is a SSSS- UMM-bagg. Dr. DUI finally found away to put his name out there. MS. Allred there are tons of clients that have retained this piece of mierdha's services and have dropped him. They are willing to disclose his unethical practices...he laughed at the case of a child molester and talked how his client rhaped a liddle bhoy in the abbsss as he described. THATS THE PIECHE OF MIERDAH he is. Excuse the mispells just want to get the word out there w/ o censorship!

849 days ago


On Thursday, he filed suit against a disgruntled former client who bought the domain name okorieokorochadotcom and has set up a site disparaging Okorocha's legal abilities.

849 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This wankkker should have been disbarred long long long ago. She's a sickening woman and I get ill listening to her and watching her get filthy rich in this litigous society where we have way way too many lawyers with nothing to do so their friends in the dem side of DC pass more and more laws so they can make more and more of us lawbreakers so they get rich defending us from BS most of the time. Gloria HATESALLMEN, I've called her that for 15 years now.

849 days ago


This ia a FREAKING CIRCUS and all these involved should be ashamed of themselves. Don't they have better things to do???????

849 days ago


HEY DR. DUI! If you have so many good reviews and you have such a successful career and many people are retaining your services why are you filing for Bankruptcy?! Guess those reviews are self posted after all!!! Okorocha posts his own reviews and anything he doesn't agree with he throws a hissy fit and has them removed.

849 days ago


Dear TMZ/Harvey, Please add an icon pointed towards Harvey Allred so we can see him instead of her. She is a publicity whore and I hope she gets her @ss kicked in court. Harvey Allred is MUCH better looking that the real (FAKE) GA. You guys do a great job at TMZ and thank you.

849 days ago


This defies the logics of time and space, two shady lieing lawyers suing each other will suck us into a black hole.

849 days ago


She gives the law such a bad is always about her...and what she can squeeze out of anyone..I cannot remember one client of substance.

849 days ago
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