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Travolta Masseurs' Lawsuit

Lawyer #1 Suing Gloria

5/21/2012 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:53 PM PDT -- Gloria just released a statement ... insisting she will file a counterclaim against Okorocha for defamation.

Allred adds, "Doe #1 and Doe #2 contacted me seeking representation, and we have the evidence to prove it."

"Mr. Okorocha's lawsuit will be dismissed, and we will ultimately recover a judgment against him."

The lawyer who filed a lawsuit against John Travolta on behalf of two masseurs is suing Gloria Allred for allegedly stealing one of his clients, calling her an ambulance chaser and claiming "She ain't been in a courtroom in 20 years."

Okorie Okorocha just filed the lawsuit, claiming Gloria approached the second masseur -- John Doe #2 -- asking him to fire Okorocha and hire her.

As we reported, Okorocha dropped the first masseur -- John Doe #1 -- after TMZ broke the story that Travolta was in New York -- not anywhere near Beverly Hills -- on the date the alleged sexual assault occurred.

In his lawsuit, Okorocha says Doe #1 hired Gloria, and then she made her play for the other masseur. 

Okorocha attached text messages to his lawsuit between himself and Doe #2, in which Okorocha wrote, "I can't believe f**king Allred called you."  He added, "She ain't been in a courtroom in 20 years.  Just doing stupid ass press conference side shows."



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Apparently he didn't learn anything after relinquishing his case and issuing a "forced" apology. You sure is real name isn't Levin?

882 days ago


this women has her ugly mug in all these stupid cases anything to earn a buck

882 days ago


If this idiot hadn't dropped John Doe #1 he wouldn't have hired Allred as his attorney and led the way for John Doe #2. He thought he would have an easier time winning with just John Doe #2 and now he's lost both and probably all the other Does that will be coming out of the woodwork now. Serves him right.

882 days ago


This right here pretty much proves that the stories are false. BOTH of these idiots are money hungry media whores who will latch on to anything that will get them attention, be it true or false.

882 days ago


i dont know what makes this guy a bigger idiot - the fact that he took on the cases initially, or the fact that he actually thinks he'll win against allred.

882 days ago


OH Gloria. You should really take your face out of out of date law books that you can't understand and watch this video. It should educate you on what motivates most people...hint hint Gloria its no hatred of men.

882 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

S***my people are funny!

881 days ago
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