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Lindsay Lohan

Declares Wardrobe

On Liz Taylor

5/21/2012 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's finally looking the part -- trying on some crucial Elizabeth Taylor-inspired outfits for her new movie ... and TMZ has obtained pics of the wardrobe action.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress is dead set on nailing Liz Taylor in her upcoming Lifetime movie "Liz and Dick" -- so she's spending countless hours trying to pick out the PERFECT outfits for the role.

We’re told Lindsay has final say on all wardrobe decisions for the film and has been giving major input into how to perfect Liz’s looks.

As we reported, Lindsay's been obsessing over Liz trying to get into the Hollywood legend's head, studying her constantly for the last few months.

The photos were snapped earlier this week during a wardrobe fitting. The first outfit was selected to recreate a famous photo shoot from Elizabeth's teenage years. The second is based on a Valentino dress Liz once wore.

"Liz and Dick" is scheduled to start shooting next month.



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Liz Taylor's skin is pure white, and Lilo's skin is freckled, tatted, and orange. Maybe if they paint Lilo's skin white? Nah, that won't work. I see a flop in this movie.

864 days ago


If Lindsay is serious about acting, she needs acting lessons, and voice therapy.

864 days ago


And Rogan

864 days ago


jwoolman...that's the first thing I thought and said. This is not Lindsay Lohan. Just simply look how the photos are taken back far enough. Amazingly, Lohan lost a lot of weight, collar bones and no double chin and a very sleek jawline.

Notice how TMZ is alway very generic.

864 days ago


Lindsay can wear whatever she wants; she looks delightful. "Liz and Dick" the life story of Liz Taylor?? Couldn't they come up with something else? "Liz And DICK?" Sheesh guys, sounds like a porno flick.

864 days ago


She doesn't even remotely resemble Liz in looks or demeanor. This is going to be a disaster and will likely kill Lindsay's acting career for good.

864 days ago



Looks like one of those vintage clothing shops to me ...if you zoom in you will see a price tag on all the shoes with the store logo on it also your right that teal dress looks like a different wall ..and don't think even Lohan would go out looking that ratty ..her hair is pure rats tail with extensions showing every were and no makeup...but what reall interesting to me is no coke or alcohol bloat in her can really see the cheek inplants or fillers in that side way to heavy for a girl her face size...and like you said she looks misiable and hung over she does not want to be there ..She is not trying to sell those picture at all like she usually does...that is someone doing something agains their will....

864 days ago


How could you compare the two pictures....In her day Ms. Taylor was the most beautiful woman in the industry. I don't believe there is an actress today that could hold a candle to her. The picture on the right shows a woman with class and on the left someone who's waiting on the corner for her next john!

864 days ago


Just goes to show you. You can dress up a skank, put expensive clothes on her....but no matter what, that train wreck Lohwhore STILL is and looks like a skank.

864 days ago


Liz was elegant. Lohwhore is about as elegant as a used condom.

864 days ago


By God, I just used my Lucy on thos shots and quess what...NO TATOOS on her hands or her arms..".what the fu*k" as Maddy would say go check yourselves and look...could explain the poor quaity of the shots and the graininess...!

864 days ago

Ellie G    

The green dress screams Mother of the Bride. The red dress is Mrs Claus. There is nothing elegant about either one.

864 days ago


The resemblance is uncanny! Don't you think? HAHAHA!

864 days ago


So "Last Chance Lohan" invites TMZ into dressing rooms now
How much did they pay her for this photo op?

864 days ago


"Lindsay has final say on all wardrobe decisions for the major input into how to perfect Liz’s looks."
Yeah, because she is such a fashionista right? Because her line for Emanual Ungaro was so well received and not the laughing stock of Paris fashion week? STFU and be grateful anyone is willing to film your ratty @ss you underaged hag.

864 days ago
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