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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Stock PLUMMETS

5/21/2012 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Tough morning for The Zuck -- after a lackluster debut ... Facebook stock is sinking like a stone this morning ... down more than 11% from its opening price.

As of 7:32 AM PDT ... FB had fallen to $33.97 per share ... down $4.26 from its closing price on Friday.

According to, the stock was down as much as 14% earlier in the morning.

FYI -- Facebook debuted at $38-per-share ... and many hoped it would explode. It didn't.

Of course, we're still a long way from the closing bell ... and a lot could happen -- good or bad.

Stay tuned ...


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Employees and execs of FB received the stock as incentive or bonus prior to the stock going public. So whatever the price is, they are making money. For people that bought hours after the ipo, you better hang on to it for a while. Problem with FB is that it's already as large as it's going to get or close to it. It would be different it was just a new startup.

829 days ago


First of all is his wife 40? She looks old.

Karma; Zuch gives away our information like candy and spends millions fighting laws protecting our information.

He got his money so he doesnt' care, but FB's best days are behind them.

829 days ago


Here's a thought: the Kardashians became popular at about the same time Facebook started taking over social media. Coincidence?

Both are style over substance.
Both are the result of Public relations.
Both market themselves way above their actual value.
And in both cases, there is an army of uneducated morons willing to promote them.

829 days ago


Karma's a bitch!

828 days ago


Priced at aa a mature company, as if it makes 25bill already... only hope for those that hold stock is a dividend some day or use it look wallpaper like the Green Bay Packer Stock...

828 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Maybe they all got a little too greedy. The ads are absolutely ridiculous on my FB page. My husband has stopped using his and if they enforce the "timeline" garbage, I will be off it too. I realize it is an ad server at heart, but they are pushing the "free" customers away that actually helped establish it in the first place. Greed infects and ruins most things these days.

828 days ago


There is a reaason why investors like Warren Buffet will not touch this stock it was dead upon arrival it is a worthless stock to buy. the company has no where to go.

828 days ago


I bet if they removed that stupid timeline then the stock price would go back up.

828 days ago


Easy explanation. Facebook ads sucks. I put an ad with a $50 budget. My money was gone within 8 hrs, and I never got one phone call. At least google ads you see some results.

828 days ago


What if Facebook went away?

828 days ago


It's that defector guy's fault. In "The Social Network," he came off as petulant, self-absorbed and lacking in vision, now he announces that he's going to relinquish citizenship right b4 the IPO. Who wants to back someone like that? With "co-founders" like that, who needs enemies.

That said, IMO, Facebook is $$. I'm tired of blogs that give idi@ts a platform to disperse their bile. At least with facebook and twiiter, I decide who I want input from. Facebook is more time consuming and geared toward sharing/archiving pictures and vidoes and twitter is more for quick updates. I like both and I think they'll both be around for a while. I like Mark Z because he's a genius without being an arrogant ingrate. That Eduardo S. guy is just lucky that he was at Harvard with enough $$ to be able to help out a gifted genius. Don't know what he wanted, but obviously it wasn't to be a friend.

828 days ago

Jeff Jackson    

VERY ODD that his stock drop right after he married his Japanese girl...Hmmm!!! guess the WHITE TRASH investors are mad he didnt marry a slutty white blonde hair blue eyes fake boob whore who would have married him for his MONEY ONLY!! hmmmm !!!!

828 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

Still worth way too much for a company that produces nothing.

828 days ago


I bet most of you that have something negative to say about mark are still using HIS website. He is just 28 and already a billionaire so you all can stop hating. He married a doctor so no matter what he can never be broke just call them the new jay z and beyonce:)

828 days ago


a wedding can be a costly excercise, and at times not visible through the number of attended guests

828 days ago
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