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Breaks Down in Court

Over Bad Dad Allegations

5/21/2012 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

broke down in tears today in an Atlanta court -- after his ex-wife's attorney insinuated he cares more about partying than he does about his children.

Usher was on the stand for hours today in his ongoing custody trial with his ex Tameka Foster -- and during questioning, Tameka's lawyer whipped out photos of the singer partying in Europe in February.

Usher's fighting for more custody with his kids -- but Tameka's lawyer was trying to prove he'd rather go wild at a nightclub than be a good dad.

Usher was also grilled about his alleged drug use. The singer admitted to smoking pot in the past, but when the subject turned to his alleged ecstasy use Usher's lawyer objected.

Usher insisted he never used drugs in front of the children -- an allegation Tameka made early in their custody fight -- but hedged on the subject of seeing his children while under the influence.

The trial will continue tomorrow.


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As an old Australian Guy I am not into the things that Usher represents. However he appears to me to be a genuine Guy and does not deserve the treatment he is receiving from some of the female commentators here. They seem to have the ethics and morals of his Alley Cay ex-wife.

854 days ago


I am an Old Australian Guy and not a fan of Usher but some of the comments here **** me. Most seem to come from women who are obviously Alley Cats like his ex-wife. It's no wonder there are so many Gay guys in this world.

854 days ago


Indeed it comes near nobody because it may well be ugly as hell but as she has light skin means .... With this critical person.

I am very surpised nobody mention that this woman (Grace) was a very good friend of Tameka ... she stole her husband still and betraying their friendship but it looks to be a normal practice!!!

Usher should leave this old woman she is too old for him , not pretty et she's bad because she's broke his relation with his mother(and mixed business and love it's not good for anybody).

He should to stay a few time lonely and looking after her children, and after it should be a pretty, smart and class woman between 30-40years (because he loves it) single, no children in order to build a family, get married without drama.

It's all I wish for him because I have the feel his Gf Grace change him , his style of music since album "Confessions" has much changed and I honestly don't like this style of music and the most important I find Usher cannot seem happy and even less in love.

854 days ago

She's baaaack    

Seriously? He cried over that? Puzzy.

853 days ago


Unless he's harmed his children he should be allowed to see them as much as she does. This woman needs to stop using her children as a weapon against their father. They will hate her later in life for it. She needs to let go of her bitterness and think of the children.

853 days ago


I am neither for nor Usher Tameka but I can understand his reaction (regardless of what motivated her pregnancies, her marriage) .

But I feel she still has feelings for him and I think the fact that this new woman is a friend of hers, I must say it’s enough (even while being very quiet in nature) to make a scene,.

It’s really a lack of respect from Ush because despite everything, she is and will remain the mother of two of his children.

And Grace this for a woman her age 46 years doing this to a friend that’s really the worst thing is disgusting!

Thief husband! Very bad friend.

I do not know if they are believers but do these things, they pay a day when the other.

I think that Ush has not yet met the woman of his life, and Grace this date will lose ALL her work and her boyfriend.

I think Usher should focus on her children and her career, draw a line under this heavy sentimental past few remaining single time before engaging in a real serious relationship with a woman who is not a thief of a husband , a woman who does not deceive her own husband to be in a relationship with him,.

A relationship that begins in a pure and most uneventful maybe he can finally build another family, to marry and be happy and we make beautiful songs rnb / soul and pop with the stop (though I’m French) because it does not use his beautiful voice.

And leave this new woman Grace this, which I think we do not tell (her Meeka but everyone said), it seems that it is destroying his relationship with his mother
I feel it benefits him she and her little family (see photos of his daughter @ twi*ter itsmele@f ….)

We see Usher with his children on the feast of mothers and I do not think he was in Atlanta with his mom Jonetta but New York Brooklyn with Grace and what his children and a small child (baby 2 years old … about the son of Ush and Grace ?? because the legend is " my baby bro" ).??).

853 days ago


Another problem thanks to the Church of Scientology. Yes folks, just like Travolta, Tameka belongs to that cult.

853 days ago

Joan K    

Oh Boo Hoo, who cares.

853 days ago


Fake...grabbing a tissue flaunting it with excessive wiping, then sniffle, sniffle with his nose. Although I think his ex is out to make him miserable. Hell hath no fury like a woman...

853 days ago


Usher has a terrible history with cheating and disrespecting the ladies he's with but this broad sounds awful. Like a total golddigger. This is why you need to think long and hard before you have babies with someone. It sounds like Usher is doing drugs and I really hope he's telling the truth and not doing it when he has his kids.

853 days ago


She's a gold digger, he should've listened to everyone around him that she was a bad person back before he married her. If everyone around you is telling you she's a bad person their is usually a reason for it

853 days ago


Can it be, is it possible black men care about their kids?

853 days ago


You know what that's not fair of her to do this. She hit way below the belt...

853 days ago


This woman is evil! She's in it for the money...bottomline. How can a woman try to keep a father away from his kids? Especially a father who WANTS to take care of them. Usher wasn't smart enough for this evil old troll. She played him out!

853 days ago


i remember mama warning him not too mess with that gold-digging ho, did he listen? noooo!

853 days ago
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