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Corey Feldman

A 300 LB Woman


5/22/2012 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman
apparently had good reason to get a 6 ft, 300 lb woman arrested ... because the restraining order she allegedly violated shows a person right out of "Single White Female."

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Corey allowed a friend, Jennifer Herbert, to live in his house, but things went south quickly.  Feldman claims Herbert threatened to hurt him, trash-talked him in front of house guests, and asked his kid "adult questions."

Corey couldn't just throw Jennifer out, because she's paying rent and therefore is a tenant.  So the restraining order required her to stay 6 feet away from Corey and his kid while in the home.  It appears she violated that order, and as a result Corey's security guard made a citizen's arrest Friday night.

Jennifer -- who Corey knew through Michael Jackson -- was taken into custody, Jennifer was released hours later, went back to the house with cops, picked up her stuff and left.  We don't know if she plans to come back.


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884 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Did she also touch him like a certain gloved singer?

884 days ago


The woman was threatening him and harming his child with her comments, and he couldn't throw her out because she's a tenant? Come on Corey--get some new "friends".

884 days ago


Renting out his couch to a 300 lb. women, hilarious. I guess not working for 20 years eventually catches up to you. Sounds like another reality show, 'Lifestyles of the Obese and Worthless."

884 days ago


300 lbs?

More lovin' for the shovin', more bounce to the ounce and more cushion for the pushin'.

884 days ago

Cheryl A.    

HEY BIEBER, This is YOU in 20 years!

Google Corey Feldman and see how big he was long ago. You see, when the youth and looks go, the girls get a new teen idol. You have no talent, can barely sing, can't act, probably can't dance, never heard you doing anything behind a camera so, yeah. Another talentless teen idol to add to the list.

884 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

That's his "other" body guard.

884 days ago


wth! what a weenie - he was afraid of the fat girl?? what he was afraid she would sit on him??

884 days ago


Sounds like a job for the Goonies!

884 days ago


So....if you're a woman who physically threatens your landlord and talks inappropriately to his kid...and you live in the same house where you're able to follow through with those threats and be around the kid....the courts allow you to continue to live with them?
A 6 feet restraining order is protection....?
Physically threatening people in their home where their children are present is a big red flag, courts should have had her removed from the home immediately after the threats.

884 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

You can throw her out, if you can file a restraining order, you can file an eviction. Quit being a victim, Corey Feldman.

884 days ago


That is what he gets for being a jerk when he comes to Astoria OR for the annual Goonies festival. Be a little nicer to the kid's, dude!

884 days ago

BB not bb    

How can you be in a house with a 300 pound person and have them always be six feet away from you? I am just trying to picture them passing in the hall or something. This is a crazy problem. I guess he needs to have her evicted. He probably has to give her thirty days written notice to get out and if she doesn't, he has to start eviction proceddings. That would take two more months.

It seems like if it is your own private house, you shoulsn't have to keep someone there who you don't want. It seems like he was doing her a favor and she was rude about accepting it.

This is what makes it scary to let people stay at your house. Then can try to take over and run you out, or they can just mooch and make your life miserable wih their abuse. I could see if it was separate quarters but in your own house, it just seems weird.

Sometimes the police will throw someone out and sometimes they won't.

884 days ago


Why would he rent a room out to a black woman?

884 days ago


I smell a new Adam Sandler movie with Corey Feldman as Hezekiah Feldmanstein...and Kirstie Alley as the Fat Chick.

Michael Jackson will be played by a bleached stick figure.

884 days ago
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