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Pauly D's a Hack!!!

5/22/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D
's a no-talent poser -- at least according to electronic music legend Deadmau5.

The famed mouse-headed DJ was shooting a music video in LA over the weekend -- when we asked if he thought the "Jersey Shore" star had any real DJ talent. Deadmau5 responded, "No, not really."

DM's Pauly D jab comes in the wake of a little Twitter feud last week -- when Mr. Mau5 publicly bashed Pauly's new music video, saying it looked embarrassingly cheap ... "like it cost about $150 to make."

Pauly said he was flattered that DM even deigned to criticize him -- but now, Deadmau5 says the entire embarrassing Internet standoff could have been avoided ... if Pauly did ONE thing differently ... watch the clip.


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pauly d made some kind of mix for a radio show and I listened to see if he had any truly sucked, I don't think pauly d is a talented dj, he would b nobody right now if it wasn't for jersey shore

882 days ago


im not a fan of deadmau5, but the guy was completely honest in saying does a dj really have any talent

882 days ago


you ppl obviously never heard or seen deadmau5 live or deadmau5 music. "My Big Salami",He plays other ppl's music? 95% of his shows are only his own stuff. Hes not a DJ..hes a producer that mixes his tracks live..obviously he cant play a track and then play the other one when the first one finishes..cus its gonna be wack! so he obviously has to mix em. Jimbo,He produces on a laptop? have u seen his studio? if not have u seen his videos on youtube making a track on his studiio? have u seen when he says that hes not a laptop producer cus thats not his thing? first thing first..before u comment, think! and if u dont kno who u talking about then go and find out! stop talking about EDM artists like if u kno them or like if u follow the gnre.. and TMZ, stop lying cus thats obviously not what he the video before u even post it. n00bs.

882 days ago


Deadmau5 is such a joke! Dude, you have the most basic mixing style EVER. A monkey could beat match better than you. Don't start going around like you are the worlds best DJ cause you too are just a fad!!!!

882 days ago


Deadmau has gone from invoking Madonna's name to get publicity to invoking Paulie D's. Tick tock tick tock.

882 days ago


this is news? to who?

882 days ago


He didn't call him a hack.. that headline was misleading.

882 days ago


This guy obviously doesnt know anything about the culture and art of DJ'n. He calls DJ's "Song players" which is fine because that what they do, play songs. But yes, of course there are DJs that have "Dj Talent" you fn goof! & Yes there are DJs or "song players" that are better than others! I would like to take this guys little laptop away from, press his whole discography on vinyl and I bet he couldnt play his own fn music! Deadmou5 doesnt know S*** about Dj'n!

882 days ago


Pauly D is all show and your a fool if you think any different...just like Jersey Shore. Sure I watch it-but it's all fake! Pauly D puts his **** on shuffle and makes an appearance-thats it.

882 days ago


Deadmau5 just jumped about 50 rungs on the cool ladder. Like him or hate him, he speaks the truth. A DJ is just what he said. Obviously, some have a better ear for it, but seriously. It is sad that PaulyD does a video. He didn't do anything! Lastly, I agree that I wouldn't ask either. Sounds needy. PaulyD is popular for being on TV as a trainwreck. Deadmau5 is popular for being a DJ. That says it all.

882 days ago


Wow, now I know why he wears the mouse head...he's fugly! I don't care for either of them, but he shouldn't hate on Pauly because he's the flavor of the week.

882 days ago


Rabbit In The Moon

882 days ago


In other news Kim Kardashian farted today. Both of these guys together couldn't hold up DJ Premier's *******.

882 days ago


Pauly D is probably just your average DJ you can find a DJ like him anywhere. If he wasn't on Jersey Shore he would still be doing local clubs like most DJs do.

882 days ago


A video can be edited...Those hideous, disgusting, white trash tattoos are forever.

882 days ago
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