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Ray J


Billboard Awards

5/22/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ray J
crashed and burned the morning after the Billboard Music Awards ... and landed in the hospital ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Ray J was extremely upset after his confrontation with Whitney Houston's family -- notably Pat Houston -- during the awards ceremony. On Monday morning, someone went into Ray J's hotel room and realized the singer was "out of it" and couldn't get out of bed.

We're told Ray J was extremely disoriented and was immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance.

As for what happened ... it's looking like a combo of exhaustion and dehydration. Ray J had just returned from a quick, 32-hour round trip to China for business and when he landed he immediately drove 4 hours to Las Vegas for the awards show.

Ray J is still in the hospital. No word on when he'll be released.


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Mary Edmonson    

Dehydration and exhaustion - don't they ALWAYS use that excuse!!!!

881 days ago


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881 days ago


Wow, so they took the house of the Kardashian's and mowed it down! I wish we were able to get rid of them and all there stupiod rerunds on E-Entertainment, truly sick of them and mostly of Kris. I knew when they were going to have the test done, they'd never go through with it,she is not Robert's kid and Kris knows this.OMG what a slut she is!!!

881 days ago


please lets not bring up the Kardashians anymore.I mean honestly Kris is a total control freak,Bruce Jenner is a total DORK,and the entire family is truly nothing more then then a joke. Everyone that watched waiting for the test to be done, should have known Kirs well enough to know Khloe wouldn't go through with it,at least not on T.V...Kris is such a slut and Bruce is so stupid they've made all of them look dopier then they are.I refuse to watch them, it is kind of hard as E-entertainment does nothing but show reruns of the show, i just turn it off and watch home decorating..Is being Armainien mean you have to live with millions,YET you courage your girls to go with no one but BLACKS!I'm gisgusted with them period!

881 days ago


is Ray j a crack head also

881 days ago

Ernest De Brew    

I just know that Ray J is not the same playboy he was because of Whitney's death. He really was close to her. And it does hurt like hell to lose someone forever.

881 days ago

David In Denver    

TMZ, you made it sound like Ray J was upset over the passing of Whitney...

881 days ago


Hey Ray're 15 minutes was up 2 years ago. Get lost, punk!!!!

881 days ago


When did they change the meaning of dehydration and exhaustion to mean drug overdose? OR is that only in Hollywood? DO they REALLLLY think the "viewing public" doesnt know what happened??
Ive been exhausted AND dehydrated....both at the same time and NEVER ended up in the hospital. Hollywood is an EXPERT at enabling these selfish ignorant criminal "celebrities" in their quest for death through drugs.

881 days ago


Ray J. is a crack head fool! S*** of the earth, confused and needs help. His Momma should get him the help he needs instead of cashing the checks he makes for crackhead appearances.

881 days ago


Bravo to the new owner of the Kardasian house!! I wish more people would contribute to Habitat To Humanity instead of just ripping everything out in a home that is being remodeled or rebuilt and filling up our landfills.

881 days ago


Ray J. what are you some kind of delicate flower....pleeeze - Whitney's family know exactly the kind of man that you are - a player and a hanger on... and exhaustion...really - about the hardest work you've ever done was the porn film with Kim Kardashian and even then she did most of the are a no talent user...nobody feeling sorry for your skank *ss.

881 days ago


Ray J Momma to blame for him being hooked on crack and men!

881 days ago


Ray J Momma to blame for him being hooked on crack & men!

881 days ago


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881 days ago
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