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2 Chainz

Brass Knuckle Argument

Packs Major Punch

5/23/2012 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper 2 Chainz's arrest ignited a war at TMZ-- over whether his brass knuckle "jewelry" should be considered a weapon. Let's hope no one brought props to settle this debate.

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funny how con yea is posing like he could actually kick somebody @$$

883 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

You know they nothing but a joke when they start sagging their slim fit size 38 leather pants.

883 days ago

Niki "FOURFINgERing" FORD    

To the Guy that go soooo pissed about the FAT TAX>>>>How the sam heck can you discriminate against two chains for wearing a four finger ring in our culture its jewelry and as far as I know legal ITS JEWELRY!!!! I hope you get educated soon or at least recognize discrimination when it happens to anybody not just you...and lose the Moose or audition for Jersey Shore!!!!!!!

883 days ago


See this really bothers me. The African Americans on your staff just automatically claim this is racism and they really don't care about any of the evidence either way. They aren't even making any real points. Just asserting over and over that they were rings. Yes we know they look like rings. Get over it!!!!! Move on to the next piece of evidence!
We're way past equality now to the point where any African American can do no wrong in any situation.
IT doesn't matter when you tell them white people have been arrested for the exact same thing. They don't care. They just plug their ears and keep crying foul. They aren't even listening.
These are "rings" yes. They aren't even all that effective as brass knuckles., They're missing the base that brass knuckles have which keep you from breaking all your fingers if you throw a punch. The truth however is that these rings are designed for idiots who like to flaunt them as jewelry for "pimp slapping" people. That's just the way it is. You can cuff someone with them and do damage. That's why people like this rapper wear that crap.

The bottom line is that it's illegal. It was already illigal before this nobody bought them. Arresting someone for trying to bring them on a plane does seem severe but we all KNOW That a white guy would get the same treatment.
If either of those two staffers of yours had to actually put up some money and bet on the fate of a white guy taking these on a plane I think we all know that both of them would immediatly back down because they know damn well this is not racial profiling..
What I don't understand is why they refuse to acknowledge the truth. It really gets on my nerves. The girl is just sitting there plugging her ears calling everyone "haters" without even bothering to listen to reason.
This is not healthy for racial tensions as I think white people are getting sick of the reverse racism that is now even more prevelant in this country then any real racism.

883 days ago


you're dumb if you don't think it's a weapon. i have a tiny scar from a one finger ring on my cheek. i'm sure he's washed blood off of it before.

883 days ago


Looks like he's constipated. The village idiot is at it again.

883 days ago


Some of you people are Plain Stupid ..What ever happened to - Sir , you can't wear that on the Airplane. If he refuses to take it off and insist on getting on the plane, then you arrest . I mean , what the hell can't they arrest you for now..Hey , your shoe has sharp points, arrest that man...

883 days ago


If a person brings a squirt gun that looks like a real gun into a bank and says give me your money is it armed robbery because the person did not intend to shoot anybody. Harvey when you hire people who act like criminals you can't be surprised they will give you opinions like criminals.

883 days ago


For the real stupid girl that claims it is racial profiling i have news for you it is. The TSA good bad or indifferent are looking for people that are physicaly bringing objects onto a plane that can phsically hurt a passenger, crew member or the flight crew of an airplane. They do not care what race or age religion they want all people to have a safe flight.

883 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

Does Kanye actually think he looks good & tough when he doesn't smile? He looks even more like 'tard.

883 days ago


They sell them in a pawn shop here as paper weights. They are illegal PERIOD

883 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

KW always looks miserable. I bet he's such a drag to be around.

883 days ago

Big D    

Wannabee Gangster's. Trying to look tough and being tough is two different things. It's easy to be a gangster rapper when you have body guards surrounding you. Beiber could kick that dudes ass.

883 days ago


4 finger rings are part of 80s hip hop culture. more for flashiness than weaponry, just google for images like this one..

not saying they can't be used as weapons though. too bad someone didn't know the difference and simply make him remove and place it in his checked baggage. if you've ever seen actual brass knuckles, theyre made in a manner thats much different from a 4 finger ring. they have a big support bar on the bottom to brace your hand for hitting someone.

883 days ago


Harvey,I can't beleive you hired and keep Rachel because her grammer is so poor and she sounds so uneducated! You are always encourging young people to go to college and she is a sad representation for your show. Keep her in the background and don't let her speak on air.

883 days ago
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