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Anderson Cooper

RIPS 'Barbie Mom'

'You're Dreadful'

5/23/2012 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Barbie Mom Sarah Burge
Anderson Cooper hates Barbie Mom ... HATES HER ... and made sure she knew it this week when he kicked her plastic ass off his talk show.

Cooper was trying his best to understand why the hell Sarah Burge -- aka the Human Barbie -- would want to Botox her 15-year-old daughter to get her to sweat less during beauty pageants.

When Burge started blathering on with some stupid explanation, Coop cut her off ... saying, "I gotta be honest, I gotta just stop. I'm sorry. I try to be really polite to all my guests, but I just think you're dreadful."

He added, "I honestly don't want to talk to you anymore."

Anderson later released a video statement saying, "I regret having her on in the first place and I regret that that's how things ended.



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Just Sayin    

What does his being gay have to do with this interview? What does he being gay have to do with ANYTHING??

883 days ago

V Kint    


883 days ago

Cirrus Unicus    

Bravo to him for waking up. We need to stop giving these media whores the attention that they are seeking, because it helps no one and harms a whole hell of a lot.

883 days ago


This woman is NUTS and is a CHILD ABUSER! Yaaaayyyy Anderson!! I applaud your sensibilities and I would've thrown her out as well! She was not worthy of your attention -- you are more respected than that!

883 days ago


Yep! “The Silver Fox” is my new hero! hahahaaha

883 days ago


I think Anderson planned the whole thing. Invited her on, just to kick her off...or at least call her out. For ratings, of course. And it was an easy gig, 'cause the lady is batsh*t crazy.

883 days ago


Classiest. Smackdown. Ever.

883 days ago


asks woman question..kicks her off show when he doesnt like the answer.just like a ***got drama queen

883 days ago


Since many of you are missing the point here it is again. He brought her on hoping to understand why she would do these things, instead he felt she was not being honest and saying what she thought media would like to hear. He did not bring her on the show to lie and attempt to manipulate the public.
Anderson handled it in a very classy way in my opinion. She was not the guest he had hoped for and therefore the conversation going forward was moot.
Basically it's like this, "I tried to like you but you are trying to take advantage of me so you can get out of my house now." Why does his sexual orientation have anything to do with how he ended the conversation. I've seen Geraldo do similiar, didn't pull any gay cards on him.

883 days ago


Anderson Cooper has a talk show? Who knew?

883 days ago


Good for Anderson. Dr. Phil and all those other freaks who had that crazy lady Octotmom on their show should have done the same thing to the welfare queen.

883 days ago


I love Anderson. but he just pulled a Dr. Phill

883 days ago


KUDOS TO ANDERSON COOPER! He is a very fine and decent man who has always presented himself with utmost character and integrity. Perhaps other shows will follow his lead and stop much of this nonsense about some of our over anxious mothers from forcing their children to abandon their God given rights to enjoy their childhood before having them plunge into a sometimes, scary and unpredictable, future. It is not unusual for mothers wanting to live their own lives through their children, especially, for girls.

883 days ago


Wow. New respect for Mr. C.

883 days ago

northern gypsy    

well...if anyone knows the beauty & fashion's our boy A.C. !!! his mom fashion icon is gloria vanderbilt...perhaps this his effort to correct some of the wrongs he witnessed in his lifetime !!!

883 days ago
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