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Anderson Cooper

RIPS 'Barbie Mom'

'You're Dreadful'

5/23/2012 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Barbie Mom Sarah Burge
Anderson Cooper hates Barbie Mom ... HATES HER ... and made sure she knew it this week when he kicked her plastic ass off his talk show.

Cooper was trying his best to understand why the hell Sarah Burge -- aka the Human Barbie -- would want to Botox her 15-year-old daughter to get her to sweat less during beauty pageants.

When Burge started blathering on with some stupid explanation, Coop cut her off ... saying, "I gotta be honest, I gotta just stop. I'm sorry. I try to be really polite to all my guests, but I just think you're dreadful."

He added, "I honestly don't want to talk to you anymore."

Anderson later released a video statement saying, "I regret having her on in the first place and I regret that that's how things ended.



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His mother is, I'm sure, very proud. I think it was heroic of him to dismiss the woman from his show.
She's freaky, and I don't mean that in a nice way.

880 days ago

Clifton H Manns Jr    

Hey Mr. Cooper, I would like to say I have watched you before 9/11. I remember you when you were still unsure of your position at CNN. That being said , I was ashamed to have supported you these last 12 years after watching you treat " the Barbie Mom " the way that you did. Don't get me wrong, I don't (personally) care for how children are being treated in the Pageants...but as far as I know NONE of what these parents do is illegal.
That being said, ( back to the reason I am writing on your page) I don't understand WHY you would treat her the way you did ( your show) brought her to your stage, paid for her room and board, travel experiences, only to tell her she was "dreadful" , I thought that your show would be a "Higher class" kind of talk show. Couldn't you have "Skype d" with her, or better yet isn't that what a commercial breaks are for? I mean honestly, You knew what this lady was about before you had her on your show. You knew your feelings toward her before she was on your show, I remember in the show you actually asked her if "she was doing these kinds of things for publicity?" Well, let me ask you "Did you treat this lady, the way that YOU did to help your ratings?" I have children and Short of doing something illegal I raise my children the way I SEE FIT. When or IF you decide to adopt a child you will understand ,that the way that YOU want to raise your child WILL NOT please everyone and you will be okay with it. I hope that this was part of the "learning curve " of this new aspect of your career, and you'll treat your GUESTS with a little more respect even though you do not agree with their opinions.
Remember that is one of the ideas that makes this country SO unique... We all (are supposed to ) have a voice..even though our voices are different.

880 days ago


Tossing her was just a premeditated attempt to gin up some ratings. All planned right from the beginning. He's one step above Maury at this point.

880 days ago


Pffft, I always think twice about believing these "botox mom" stories ever since that one turned out to be a complete hoax/acting job. I don't believe Anderson didn't know what he was getting into when he had this woman on his show (whether she really is this crazy or an actress). "Bad Mommy" stories create a lot of publicity and sensation and A.Coop knows this. People love to watch a good "stone the evil woman, she's a bad mom" story.

880 days ago


BOY , I hate the Media . Anderson and his staff knew exactly who this woman was - People , They have staff meetings over this stuff before filming the show . Yet someone of you are buying into this crap , saying KUDOS to Anderson - I say BS . It was done for Ratings and Publicity , and was done for the same reason why she was there in the first place...WAKE UP , people ..don't be so gullible...

880 days ago


Good for him, she should not be on a talk show anyway promoting what she sis to her daughter. I am not into daytime talk shows but his I will begin to watch. I love him

879 days ago

mr. perfect    

whats funny is how he has nothing else to talk about but this barbie mom and then brings her out to let the public see it. way to expose dumb ****. him and gloria allred should hook up. better yet give her a show

879 days ago


Whoever did those awful cheek implants must have used the same procedure as the back alley gal who was inflating people's asses with tire sealant.

879 days ago


Wish that happened more often on TV. Go Anderson!

BTW TMZ, your video won't play on Google Chrome browser...

879 days ago


Vain Chick! Her face and LIPS look horrible! Father Time is still slapping her in the face.

879 days ago

Breanna Linn    

I saw that show and she was dreadful! My question is - why not pre-interview these people before show time and avoid this type?

879 days ago


No. It was wrong of him to do that. Though what she represents is appalling, and I agree he should not have had her on in the 1st place, it was not right to kick her off. She was an invited guest on the show. How silly to for a host to invite someone to discuss a controversial subject, then ask them to leave when they express their views, no matter how abhorrent. Unprofessional IMO.

879 days ago


Thanks to people like her he has a job.What he did was unprofeseional.

879 days ago



879 days ago


He told her the truth..obviously she has no idea what it is!

879 days ago
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