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Lindsay vs. Kate

You Can't Look Away

from BOUNCY Showdown

5/23/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan came out swinging to officially enter the Bounciest Boobs in Hollywood tournament -- and immediately faced the champ ... Kate Upton! Sports rule.

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She retweets one of Liz Taylors old tweets...The girl is NUTS!

Elizabeth Taylor ‏@DameElizabeth
RT @kathyireland: So grateful to be a part of @WishesChallenge, starting today raising support 4 @MakeAWish. Pls join us!

Retweeted by Lindsay Lohan

861 days ago


Lindsay misspelled Liz's middlename on her new damelindsay twitter account!


861 days ago


Kate Uptons tittys all the way !!! (*)(*)

Lindsay Lohans tits hang down to her belly button. saggy nasty granny tits. She got the worst boob job ever. It was so bad her nipples are...YIKES !!!!!
Playboy couldn't even show them. What little they showed was photo shopped to the max !!!!

861 days ago


I CAN LOOK AWAY! I just wish TMZ would look away--this isn't worth days of stories on TMZ.

861 days ago


good grief, those two old ladies on loserhan's chest have fallen and can't get up.

861 days ago


.......she takes ET's name and her photo and she has the nerve to sue Pitbull?

861 days ago


Last night while Lindsay Lohan was cracked out of her mind, she opened a twitter account called DameLindsay. Which she got from Liz Taylors account.
Lindsay Lohan is so stupid and uneducated she doesnt even know the meaning of the word Dame, where it comes from and who gave the name to Liz.
Lindsay even went as far as to copy everyone of Liz Taylors followers she had on Twitter
Lindsay Lohan has some set of balls calling herself DameLindsay
She is off her rocker thinking she is Liz Taylor.
She is a very sick girl.
No other actor or actress would do something this insane and disrespectful to Liz Taylor or anyone else that has passed and they were playing them in their Bio.

Lindsay Lohan needs to be fired from this film.

861 days ago


Two big differences Kate is beautiful and LiLo is a Pig. Kate is happy and sweet LiLo is an angry drug idled Ho

861 days ago


Time for the Elizbeth Taylor Estate and Heirs to step in and put a cease and desist order in place against Lindsay Lohan for Using Elizabeth Name and titles for her own profit..or sue her ass like she did Pitbull..She has crossed the line now....what she is doing is against the really is...
GEEZ WHIZ Thomspon you got your media attention just fire her ass and get it over with...its never gona work..You are asking nor begging to go belly up on this thing aren't ya...You have enough to claim the insurance by now......Do it.......

861 days ago


Now I know why Lindsay was in Playboy. Hef didn't want her but her suger daddy pimp probably made Hef an offer he couldn't refuse. Her body is not worth a million dollars to look at. Why else would she not show up to premote the magazine, still get paid and not care if Hef loses everything. She felt that she didn't have to. Same with how she got this gig on the Liz and Dick movie. There is no way in Hell that she got these on her own merit. They were either threatened with bodily harm or Vikram paid out the gazoo for her to get both gigs.

861 days ago


I said it before, but Pink Slime has NO RIGHT to use the Title Dame! The Title Dame is similar to knighthood, and is given by the Queen of England. The Queen of England gave this title to Elizabeth.

861 days ago


I hope the Estate of Elizabeth Taylor serves Red Slime with a Cease and Desist order. She has no right to use her pictures nor use her Title.

861 days ago


And the look on her face in the bouncing boob video has completely sickened me. Who in the fvck does she think she is?

861 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

When Meryl Streep played Margret Thatcher did she open a twitter and call herself Madame Prime Minister? What kind of person would steal an icon's image and name and pin it on themselves? Oh yeah, Lindsay Lohan. She has been leaching off of Marilyn Monroe for years, now Elizabeth Taylor.

Looking at Lindsay Lohan literally makes me want to vomit.

861 days ago

Red Cloud    

I actually think KU has better boobs, though Lindsay's are quite nice. The amazing thing is that she got 38% in the poll on a hate site that DOES NOT represent the general population. Lindsay's fans usually stay away from gossip sites and join her Twitter instead.
Observing the anger that's building day by day among haters is absolute pure joy!!!! She's not going down. She's going up up up. Doesn't feel good, does it????????
gone, gone, gone................

861 days ago
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