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Mark Zuckerberg's Wife

The SIMPLE Ruby Wedding Ring

5/23/2012 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Engagement ring belonging to Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg, wife of Mark ZuckerbergIf Mark Zuckerberg's new wife was expecting a MASSIVE diamond on her wedding ring ... she was SORELY disappointed.

Just days after the surprise wedding of the century, Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg took her brand new ruby rock on the road ... flashing her piece during a lunch date with a friend in Palo Alto, CA yesterday.

According to reports, the $20 BILLION Facebook honcho -- who has a reputation for not caring about excessive displays of wealth -- designed the ring himself.

It's unclear how much the ring cost ... hopefully not much ... 'cause his Facebook stock has been sinking like Natalie Wood ever since it debuted on Friday.

So, we gotta ask ...



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Also it said he designed the ring himself. So maybe he didn't go with a diamond because he didn't want to encourage copy cats made by people who would purchase blood diamonds.

Rubys can be conflict minerals too. But not at such a large scale.

Or maybe that is just her favorite color,, I don't know.

And the Natalie wood thing was a :bleep: thing to say.

862 days ago


I like the ruby, diamonds are not that rare and the market for them is controlled by the diamond merchants. They have been marketed to the public as a must-have for an engagement and they have suckered the public. It is a huge scam! I opted for just a simple gold band, much more classy than a diamond.

862 days ago


Whats with the bull **** comment about Natalie Wood.?
She had a family, kids--do you think they are laughing about her sinking?
If your Mother has died-would you think similar comments about her death-in print-would make your day. I bet it would ruin your day. Have a heart.

862 days ago


I think it's great that he's not flashy with his money.

862 days ago


If you marry for the ring and not love, you are a pig like Kim KockROACH.

862 days ago


Red is very significative in Japan. Personally, when my friends are showing off them expensive jewelry I feel better without accesories. A huge diamond and expensive jewelry does not mean you are worth millions LOL Like Kim K, she had a huge engagement ring loaded with fake feelings, so....

862 days ago


That's the best he can pull with all that money??? I guess he wasn't cruising single chicks on his own website like everyone else does now.

I heard that Facebook is going to replace for hunting babes.

I thought that was Zuckerberg's maid the first time I saw her.

862 days ago


Everybody knows he is a billionaire theirfore he is not in pressure to show off
the only reason why people buy expensive things is to impress others but he don't have to . They both have their college friends and don't want other friends . and if she wants to work as a doctor I think a big fat ring would bother people and her and it could always be stolen

862 days ago

Kev the Realist    

It really is pitiful that you Hollywood (LA LA) types are so hung up on big rings,etc. Most people in the real world do not blow hundreds of tholusands of dollars on overpriced rings, dresses, cars, hotels, etc, ( because your craving attention and false status). The rest of the world exists in a totally different worls. She is a pediatrician, What the hell does she or anyone else need a massive rind impress the babies she cares for...come on..or is it so you Hollywood types can write articles and fawn like school ages kids over an extra long recess.... BLAH Blah Blah, no wonder everyone in Showbiz is so phony....It symbolizes their love for each other and nobody cares about the size of the ring except the vain, spolied rich celebs...

862 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Just like his company - it is cheap.

Mark Suckerberg has suckered a lot of sheepish morons into buying his cheap empty stock.

Bunch of schmucks deserve to lose their money for being so gullible and stupid.

862 days ago


people simple don't get it if you have billions you don't need to worry about money anymore therefore your focus is on other stuff than spending hours shopping and in spas etc
I never heard of Bill Gates spending a lot of money beside being a total Geek and building his dream computer house and his wife doesn't wear designer clothes or fur either

862 days ago


She looks like she has small hands and the ring looks good on them. Who cares if its classy or not, she might actually really like it. I love my 1/4 carat ring I have... I have always loved small diamonds on me though. Dont get me wrong I love big ones but they look too odd on my finger because my hands are so small.

862 days ago


Those who have serious money have no need to flaunt it.

862 days ago

Sequoia Crutcher    

I think its beautiful. Yes he could have uped it a few sizes, but as long as they are happy.

862 days ago


What exactly did he "design"? That is just a ruby stuck on a simnple band. Dont need a huge diamond but at least something tht looks like an engagement ring would be nice. That looks like it came from a gumball machine.

862 days ago
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