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Mark Zuckerberg's Wife

The SIMPLE Ruby Wedding Ring

5/23/2012 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Engagement ring belonging to Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg, wife of Mark ZuckerbergIf Mark Zuckerberg's new wife was expecting a MASSIVE diamond on her wedding ring ... she was SORELY disappointed.

Just days after the surprise wedding of the century, Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg took her brand new ruby rock on the road ... flashing her piece during a lunch date with a friend in Palo Alto, CA yesterday.

According to reports, the $20 BILLION Facebook honcho -- who has a reputation for not caring about excessive displays of wealth -- designed the ring himself.

It's unclear how much the ring cost ... hopefully not much ... 'cause his Facebook stock has been sinking like Natalie Wood ever since it debuted on Friday.

So, we gotta ask ...



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I like the small ring. Although they are richer than Trump, they seem to live a simplified life. As for the Natalie Wood comment, not nice. You owe her family an opology. The rewrite should now and forever read, "Sinking lower than Harvy's balls".

882 days ago


I don't understand why people think, because they're rich, they need a giant gaudy ring that takes up their whole hand. Those giant rings look fake to be honest. I've seen those same type of over sized Bling rings at K-Mart for $19.99. Seriously, 90% of people don't know the difference. I found a ring exactly like this one engagement ring a star has and no one could tell the difference between a picture of that ring, and the K-mart blue light special. Its all about "LOOK AT ME! DO YOU NOTICE ME NOW? I'M SPECIAL!" So I applaud someone happy with understated for once

882 days ago


Sinking like Natalie Wood?!? WTF. Funnier if you had said "going down faster than a Kardashian at the NBA finals"

882 days ago


I'm all for classic timeless engagement rings, but this one seriously looks like one of those $99 specials Kay Jewelers advertises on Valentine's Day. Disappointment!

882 days ago


Like Natalie Wood eh? Keep it classy TMZ

I also hope that Octomom sues you for breach of privacy for posting online her Welfare information.

882 days ago


Sinking like Natalie Wood? Really?

882 days ago


Nice going. A lot of people buy gigantic rings in order to advertise they have money. Obviously that is not necessary for this couple. Also, why make yourself a bigger target than you already are to potential thieves with a million dollar ring on your finger?

882 days ago


I love Mark and Priscilla! They're intelligent, humble and low-key. They live a relatively quiet life in a modest house in a normal neighborhood and Mark isn't above bringing a bagged lunch to work and eating on the floor with his employees. They didn't seem to let the money change them. They don't live extravagantly, and donate substantial amounts on their money to charity, and will probably have a long, happy life together because of it.

882 days ago


beside she doesn't want to be the targt for thieves only because of a stupid ring
She would have always a bodyguard around her to protect her 10 million ring or wouldn't be able to go swimming etc because she could lose the ring while having fun with her friends

882 days ago


She is butt-ugly 0_0

882 days ago


So... Ugly... Congrats Zuck, hope ur billions make up for other shortcomings.

882 days ago


Computer people have different priorities. Its safer for her to walk around with a less expensive ring. If it had a huge diamond, someone might do something horrible to get it off her finger. My wife and I have no appreciation for flashy jewelry. I bet instead, Mark got her a $10,000 computer with an array of huge screens.

882 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I worked in jewelry for many years and was married to a jeweler. Some women prefer simple and/or dainty rings. And good rubies are quite hard to find these days. I think her ring is lovely.

882 days ago


Sometimes you guys are dense. Am I the only one that knows that many people are now intentionally staying away from diamonds? Ya know because of the murder and slavery? They may have opted for something a bit more personal. Classy and cute!

882 days ago


The Natalie Wood joke is TASTELESS! Obviously they love each other and don't need all of the stupid bling, those marriages never last anyway. She is a doctor when she's working on people what does she need a gigantic ring for, some things are more important.

882 days ago
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