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Sharon Stone Sued

Nanny Claims Actress

Called Her Stupid Filipino

5/23/2012 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Sharon Stone's former nanny is suing the actress, claiming the actress repeatedly went on a tear against Filipinos, calling them stupid people.

Erlinda Elemen claims in her lawsuit ... Sharon would not cut her a break, berating her for her religion, even forbidding her from reading the Bible in her own room in Sharon's house.

Elemen, a Filipino woman, claims Sharon ordered her NOT to speak to the kids because she did not want them "to talk like you."

Elemen also claims Sharon bagged on Filipino food.

The former nanny claims Sharon tried to take back the overtime she was paid. Elemen says after she challenged Sharon on the OT, Stone repeatedly verbally attacked her for 3 weeks in front of guests, staff and others, and then fired her in February, 2011.

Sharon's attorney tells TMZ, "This is an absurd lawsuit that has been filed by a disgruntled ex-employee who is obviously looking to get money and way she can."


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A friend of mine once rented his house to Sharon Stone while she was filming a movie. She trashed the place after being there for only 60 days and the movie studio eventually had to fork over money for repairs. She's Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, that's for sure, so this nanny's story doesn't seem surprising to me.

847 days ago


Sharon Stone may be a despicable bitch, but she's not a supervisor in a corporation. If you don't like how she treats you in her home, then quit and get another job. That's the risk you take when working in someone's home. Gee, I wonder why all these celebs hire immigrants to work for them. A bunch of hypocrites.

847 days ago

buzz kill    

If Stone is so down on Filipinos why doesn't she just fork up the cash to pay a white American. Oh thats right because if they are illegal you think you can treat them like sh*t without any consequences.

847 days ago


Man. People will sue over ANYTHING these days!

847 days ago

buzz kill    

Stone should try reading the Bible, maybe she would learn to respect others and treat them as she would like to be treated. Then again Sharon might like being abused herself. She is sick.

847 days ago


Not to kick while she's down- but her haircut is pretty bad too.

847 days ago


I guess "good help is hard to find" like the saying goes. If this woman really is stupid then it is Sharon's fault for hiring her. Sharon is rich. She could get one of those expensive nannies from an agency or whatever. Maybe Sharon could simply go to a Google prompt and write keyword ... nanny. Then call a bunch of them. Get referrals and so forth. Sharon could probably get an intelligent young white one but it might cost more. It's probably a lot like "escort services" you see in the Yellow Pages ... especially in Vegas. :)

847 days ago


It's hard to dislike Sharon Stone. When she was in her prime she was about as "hot" looking as it gets. Smokin'

847 days ago


Terrible behavior, if true.How does a lawsuit figure into this?

847 days ago

Sheila Shigley    

Sharon Stone is an old porn star whose movies nobody watches and is crazy! Bitch is a racist whore!

847 days ago


Stuff like this is way too easy to due. Hey if your going to accuse, better be able to back it up.

847 days ago


SS doesn't strike me as the nicest person, period. Haven't liked her since she insulted Meryl Streep. She's just a washed-up has-been.

847 days ago


I personally cannot stand Balut.

847 days ago


I hope this case goes to trial - lots of Filipino Catholics in the LA County jury pool. Interference by an employer of an employee practicing their religion on their own time is a big no-no in America - as SS appeared to do when she ordered the nanny to quit reading the Bible on her own time in her own bedroom.

Big OUCH to SS's bank account.

847 days ago


SS is a pretentious vapid twit.

847 days ago
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