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Sharon Stone Sued

Nanny Claims Actress

Called Her Stupid Filipino

5/23/2012 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Sharon Stone's former nanny is suing the actress, claiming the actress repeatedly went on a tear against Filipinos, calling them stupid people.

Erlinda Elemen claims in her lawsuit ... Sharon would not cut her a break, berating her for her religion, even forbidding her from reading the Bible in her own room in Sharon's house.

Elemen, a Filipino woman, claims Sharon ordered her NOT to speak to the kids because she did not want them "to talk like you."

Elemen also claims Sharon bagged on Filipino food.

The former nanny claims Sharon tried to take back the overtime she was paid. Elemen says after she challenged Sharon on the OT, Stone repeatedly verbally attacked her for 3 weeks in front of guests, staff and others, and then fired her in February, 2011.

Sharon's attorney tells TMZ, "This is an absurd lawsuit that has been filed by a disgruntled ex-employee who is obviously looking to get money and way she can."


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Did she do something stupid? Was she Filipino?

If so then what's wrong with calling her a stupid Filipino? Duh!

848 days ago


I am married to a Filipino man and they are educated, intelligent people. Hard working, kind, generous. Most of their food is good. Balut, you wouldn't find within a mile of me, although my daughter ate it on a dare. I would hire a Filipino nanny in a heartbeat. They are very kind and loving with children. Sharon Stone has shown a history of nutty behavior.

848 days ago


I hope it's not true, but a recent gossip item on a blind site had a story of a Hollywood actress who is extremely racist, so much so that she won't have any people of color in her films. Allegedly, she couldn't make those demands early in her career but now that she's got clout and is established, she usually can make such calls.

Many people guessed Sharon Stone. What a bitch if it's true.

848 days ago


She has a few Miles on Her.. But I'd Still Hit it.. and she could call me anything she wanted too..

848 days ago


All Pinoy peeps are on alert now... Better watch your axx Sharon Stone...

848 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Sharon Stone? Didn't she used to be a B-grade actress back in the late 80s or early 90s? Claim to fame was flashing her va-jay-jay?

848 days ago


TMZ staffers are the stupid one. Since you aren't quoting Sharon directly I assume you are paraphrasing when you say "stupid Filipino". Thing is, female people of Philippine descent are Filipina.

848 days ago


The maid I'm sure needed her salary for her family which was why she stayed with this bitch despite all the insults and abuses she suffered from SS the bitch, until she was fired. In this hard times, people will try to hold on to whatever decent source of income they have just to keep their family intact. Unfortunately, the maid was not lucky in finding a better employer. She landed being employed by a hardcore hypocritical beyotch.

848 days ago


Toughen up, buttercup.

848 days ago


Now I know why SS's very decent and nice husband divorced her. The just like the maid, stayed for a few years until his patience ran out. In the maid's case, she's most probably trying her best to keep her sanity because she needed the job. While the husband's sanity was thinning so he filed for divorce to stay sane the rest of his life. I wonder how their two adopted sons are keeping up with this beyotch. I'm sure in the future one of them will come up with his own version of Mommy Dearest type of book.

848 days ago


So? She probably is.

848 days ago


I always believe people who want to sue rich and famous people. Why didn't the broad just quit if she was so horrible? I wish i interacted with celebrities so I could make up some accusation and make a quick buck.

848 days ago


I know someone who worked for her years ago. She is about as mean as they come. Sorry about the truth. I liked the actress, really didn't want to believe it. It's true what the nanny said.

848 days ago

dutchess k    

Filipino food is mostly bland and not good. only thing good is the lumpia aka eggrolls. Sharon was kinda mean ..but food think was the only thing she was right about

848 days ago

Shelly Smith    

Just another "rich person" problem! Guess what? If these people raised their own children they wouldn't have to worried if little, Horatio Blu Ivy Blue Jean was taken to the play ground at exactly 2:17 on a Monday afternoon.

848 days ago
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