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Usher Grilled in Court

Did You Sleep

with the Bridesmaid?

5/23/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Screw soap operas, Usher's child custody trial has all the drama a lonely housewife needs -- 'cause his ex-wife's lawyer dropped a bombshell in court ... accusing him of sexing one of Tameka Foster's bridesmaids.

Usher was being cross-examined by Foster's lawyer yesterday in Fulton County court ... about his claim that Tameka brings nannies in and out of their children's lives.

Tameka's lawyer asked Usher if one of the nannies in question had "left Miami because you were discovered in bed with Maya Fox Davis?" Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Davis was a bridesmaid for Tameka ... and the alleged incident happened during their marriage.

Usher's attorney quickly objected, but you gotta watch the clip to see how it played out in court. There's also a contentious exchange between Usher and Tameka's lawyer regarding that whole spitting incident.

The trial is in recess, and will be back in session in July. Until then ... there's always "Revenge."


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tony gee    

Usher would never sleep with another woman. but you could have asked him how much he wants to go into bed with the Biebs? This guy is batting for the other team, can't you people see that? It's so transparent!

849 days ago


This is a custody case. Who cares who he slept with?

849 days ago


He should've listened to his mother. Her instincts were right, Tameka was NOT the woman for Usher in the first place. She already had 3 children to take care of and then she spit out 2 more quickly by Usher as if to say. I will seal this deal with CHILD SUPPORT!. He should've stuck with Chili.

849 days ago


Isn't Usher the guy who helped unleash Beiber on the world? Show no mercy on the dude!!!

849 days ago

jaime scott    

Is this the same Bitch that his mother begged him not to marry and he did it anyway, well if it is good for him. His mom did not attend the wedding.

849 days ago


this is the first vid i've watched on this case and i'm astonished. did tameka pick her lawyer based solely on the fact that she is black and a woman?! her lawyer seems TERRIBLE. its like she is trying to be a pitbull in the court room - asking and re-asking questions as if she is trying to rile someone up who is on trial...and she fails miserably.

849 days ago


You can totally tell that what her lawyer says that he said to his wife to provoke her is 100% true- even though he denies it. It's as clear as the douchebag smirk on his lying face.

Listen to his "confessions" again ladies, and go ask his old girlfriend from TLC what a dog this ahole is.

848 days ago


What a waste of the court's time.
Doesn't matter where Usher parked. It's his life, his car.
Most of us have felt jealousy when we see our ex with a new boyfriend or girlfriend.
It's not easy to see, or deal with.
But we're adults, you accept it and that's it, she or he is with someone else now, end of story.

848 days ago


"Sleep with her", "Hell no" we just screwed on the bed.

848 days ago


I am losing more and more respect for Tameka as a woman going through this sort of thing. She is in court leaned back in her chair as though this is some sort of game. All sorts of men cheat and it has no bearing on the relationship they have with their children. Yes it is wrong and hurtful, but it means nothing. If he did or did not, who cares. Plus she is a beast anyhow who had to trap Usher because she though it was the way to keep him and laugh at the world. Ushers sex life was not that much of a secret. She knew she did not have what it would take for him to want to marry her on his own accord. She is a 70 year old BEAST and I despise her because while she is dragging him through court and putting her children into the hands of the court system, where the hell are her children at...with a nanny?

848 days ago


Well usher is a nice artist we love him here in holland
hope it all goes well

Greetings from

848 days ago


Watch, they'll get back together in a year.

848 days ago


Umm..thith guy ith gay like mmmeee omg...he "allegedly" thlept with this lady just to appear thraight like me!

848 days ago


I love Usher but Karma is a b!tch....remember when he used to date Chilli from TLC? Supposedly he cheated on her too, so she bailed. She had a career so she didn't need to have his babies for a payday. Instead, he choose to marry this crazy lady with no career of her own, so she's sucking him dry now that the relationship is over. He deserves this.

848 days ago


The only reason people assume the cheating rumors are corrects is b/c he cheated to be with this chick. Maybe she cheated. Lets not forget the ex husband and children she threw away to be with Usher. She just making stuff up now, cause if it was true why didn't she leave him? To me Usher fell off when he got involved with her, so I'm not taking his side, but I can't stand a woman who leaves her kids to be with someone who has money. If he did cheat that has nothing to do with him being able to care for his children.

848 days ago
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