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Amber Portwood


5/24/2012 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After several months of unsuccessful drug treatment, "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood has completely given up on herself -- and has now asked a judge to send her ass to prison ... once and for all ...TMZ has learned.

As we reported, Amber was sentenced to 5 years in the big house back in January for drug possession -- but the judge gave her a second chance, offering to vacate the sentence if she successfully completed a drug rehab program.

Amber has repeatedly struggled to meet the requirements of the program, and has now given up entirely -- straight up asking the judge to impose her original 5-year prison sentence.

Amber fessed up today in court, telling the judge she hasn't stayed clean since starting the program -- and will always be a "bad girl." Amber's lawyer stood by in shock as this unfolded, shaking his head the entire hearing.

Amber said she couldn't stand the drug court program and wanted out ASAP -- leaving herself one alternative ... prison.

Amber's currently on her way to Madison County jail in Indiana, where she'll remain until her sentencing in a few weeks.



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The judge was shaking his head in disbelief because he was thinking, "Bitch, are you crazy. Play the game. I'll pretend I'm pissed and say something like "this is your LAST chance" then sentence you to some bogus rehab program--probably AA because it's free, then you go through the motion... you know"

829 days ago


You have to understand where this girl is comin' from. She never planned parenthood...she just opened her legs and got what she got. It's been a crap life ever since. I think it's best she do time, find out what it's like, have some alone time to think about her future while that baby get taken care of by someone who'll care for it.

829 days ago


Incidentally, to those of you who think that prison doesn't help... YOU'RE WRONG. I've work in rehab and for many it's the only time in their lives that they have had the space to think and get their crap together---SO TAKE THAT!!!---and that's their words not mine. That show fcuked this girl up and they should be held responsible to finding her quality help... meanwhile, it off to the pokey. I hope they have a good program in place.

829 days ago


I think this really tragic. She has given up on life, on her daughter. It's really sad that nobody is trying to help her get her life together. No family, no friends? Sad.

829 days ago


Wow! Pretty sad really. For all of you that have faith, it wouldn't hurt to keep this woman, and her family in your prayer's.

829 days ago


Why is this "TRICK" in the news ???? No really WHY, dumb trick gets knocked up at 15,hits people and uses drugs, ENOUGH WITH THE DUMB WH*RES ALREADY !!!! Damn TMZ is THIS as good as it gets with your reporting ? Oh P.S. you keep calling her a "STAR" pretty loose with that word are we!

829 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Sounds like she's learning about her personal limits. I'm sure the judge will grant her wishes.

829 days ago


first smart thing she has done her entire life

829 days ago


I have been there and that is an amazing thing she did,giving herself no option but jail to free herself from the drug of choice.Rehab is a center of addicts hooking each other up.>..prison you wont even see a suboxen pill for 10 days,imagine being famous.Impossible 2 sober up.Good luck from brooklyn

829 days ago


She needs some type of intervention no question. But prison? I don't think that's the answer.

829 days ago


Since she wants to go, then send her there. She'll soon wish she never uttered those words.

829 days ago


Pathetic. Giving up when you have a kid you brought into this world.

829 days ago


Not surprised at all. If you have ever watched the show you know how mind boggling lazy this girl is. She truly takes laziness to new heights. All she ever does is lay in ebd, sit on the couch, watch tv and eat so she so prison should suit her jsut fine unless of course they put her on work detail.

829 days ago


Stupid girl. How can drugs be more important than your kid and your freedom? Lost cause

829 days ago


I can accept that she hates the court drug program, as having no control over my life wouldn't sit well with me either, so I see why she'd rather do her time and get out free and clear from any court impositions.

829 days ago
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