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Neil Diamond

Collateral Damage in

Pauly D Twitter Attack

5/24/2012 8:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Pauly D has finally lashed back at Deadmau5 in their ongoing Twitter war ... but the MTV star inadvertently trashed a living legend in the process -- Neil 'Frickin' Diamond.

Pauly obviously saw the comments Deadmau5 made to TMZ ... when he said the "Jersey Shore" star has no talent as a DJ.

Moments ago, Pauly fired back by posting a photo of a Deadmau5 CD in the clearance section of a retail store with a message that read, "Wait I'm Sorry I Cant Hear You @deadmau5 The Clearance Section Is Too Loud."


Nice comeback ... but the pic of the Deadmau5 album is next to "The Very Best of Neil Diamond" ... which happens to be in the same section!!!

Deadmau5 is fair game ... but c'mon Pauly ... leave Neil out of this!!!


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Deadmau5 is right about Pauly D. Deadmau5 is also amazing, and deserves that place next to Neil Diamonds Greatest hits- it's an honor!!!

890 days ago


ya gotta love neil. i love neil.

890 days ago


There's not a clearance tag on it. It's Target. I bet the whole store is considered clearance to him. lol

890 days ago


SERIOUSLY?? Half the people on this site are on the side of a no-talent loser whose fame only came from acting like a moron on the stupidest show on earth? Wow. I guess there’s a reason Jersey Shore and the Kardashians exist...people are idiots.

890 days ago


It's only a matter of time before Pauly's CD is collecting dust on that clearance rack as well.

890 days ago

david saint    

If Pauly is such a good dj, how come i could spank his butt in a mix off and i havent dj'd since 05! Yes, that was a challenge. Come to phx anytime Pauly.

890 days ago


a hundred years plus from now people will still know who Neil Diamond was
the many songs he has written
as well as his distinctive voice
do either of these 2 clowns seriously think that even in 10 years anyone will care about who they are pretending to be or what they have done- which when you look at it is really nothing

890 days ago


Oh please. If Neil Sedaka has a problem with anything other than his record sales, then perhaps he enlighten me on who these two bickering people are.

890 days ago


If Pauly D had never been scouted by Doron Ofir for Jersey Shore, he would be a no body today. Deadmau5 was spinning other peoples songs and producing albums way before Pauly was GTL'll for the weak minded MTV fans. When Pauly's 15 mins are up ( he's at what 12 and half mins now ) Deadmau5 will still be doing what hes been doing for most of his life..producing and playing music...Pauly will just be over tanned and begging for anyone thats DTF

890 days ago


If you think Pauly D is such a non-talent then don't buy his music. If he's so untalented then he should be a non-issue and not even worth talking about. Y'all must have something better to do then be a bunch of haters. Seems like deadmau5 is a little threatened by Pauly D otherwise he wouldn't be so obsessed with him.

890 days ago


I have to laugh when kids who spin disks that take a dump and call it art harp on a real artist from the civilized musical good old days. Millennial rap hip hop reality show generation bohemian psycho needs to leave Diamond alone. His era gave us gems, yours gives us noise and earaches.

890 days ago


Haha this is good, he just gave Diamond name-recollection advertising.
Diamond is now in the heads of everyone who saw it. Youtube hits and CD/MP3 sales will increase.
P.S. if anyone wants to get to know the real Neil Diamond through his raw performances instead of slick studio recordings....check out Hot August Nights.

890 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I don't listen to either of these punks. Does Pauly have a cd in this store? I mean, maybe people who live in glass houses.....nice comeback? TMZ, are you being sarcastic?

890 days ago


And I can buy a Pauly D CD where?

890 days ago


Seems like all y'all know who Pauly D is to me... Haters gonna Hate!!
Geaux Pauly D bro, do your thing man.

890 days ago
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