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Roy Horn to Caretakers

Turn Over Penis-Grabby

Video ... OR ELSE!!!

5/24/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roy Horn
from Siegfried & Roy is LIVID over video footage currently being shopped to media outlets -- depicting the Vegas icon sexually assaulting his caretakers -- and now, he's threatening legal action if the tapes aren't turned over.

TMZ broke the story ... some disturbing video of Roy -- who's been going through rehab since a tiger mauled him in 2003 -- surfaced recently, showing Roy groping his caretakers against their will. The video is now being shopped around to the highest bidder.

We've seen the 2010 footage -- and it shows several instances of inappropriate behavior ... including Roy forcibly kissing a caretaker, grabbing two caretakers' penises, tweaking one's nipples ... and more.

Now, Roy's legal team is on the offensive -- firing off a cease and desist letter to the caretaker allegedly behind the tape deal, demanding the footage be turned over STAT.

According to the letter, the caretaker in question signed confidentiality agreements with Roy before his employment, and those agreements prohibit any kind of surreptitious video recording. It's interesting, because we're told Roy was the one who wanted the cameras because he thought people were stealing from him.

Roy claims the agreements also prohibit sharing such recordings with the media.

If the tapes aren't turned over stat -- Roy says he'll make the caretaker's life a legal hell.


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There's a problem here    

The guy can barely walk. If any one of those allegedly groped men would have simply pushed him away he probably would have fallen over. I call major bull.zhit on this. He's probably got a short circuit in his inhibitions because of brain damage and these guys knew that and decided to cash in by enticing him then crawling out of whatever sewer they came from to get their story out there for the payday.

821 days ago


I'm not a lawyer (thank God) but i don't think a contract can be used to cover for a criminal act.

821 days ago


Those with moderate to severe TBI may sometimes act in sexually inappropriate ways. * Hypersexuality (thinking about or wanting frequent sexual activity, e.g., masturbation)
* Hyposexuality, or a lack of interest in sex
* Trying to kiss or grab strangers in sexual way
* Making suggestive or flirtatious comments to or about others
* Disrobing or engaging in masturbation in front of others
Caregivers and spouses must remember that this behavior, though unacceptable, is the direct result of the brain injury. Sometimes support groups are beneficial in helping a person recognize the consequences of inappropriate sexual behaviors.

821 days ago


What an ass. He acts like that and all he can say is I want my tape back?? I don’t think he should worry too much. Tape or not everyone now knows what a giant POS he is.

Although at least we now know why the poor tiger mauled him. Never forcibly grab a tiger’s junk.

821 days ago


That threat at the end. "If the tapes aren't turned over Roy says he'll make the caretaker's life a legal hell. " would be all I needed to post those videos on YouTube, MeTube the entire www. The irony is, nobody gives a crap. Everybody knows he and other thing are disgustingly gay, the grabbing, etc. if anything isn't going to change anybody's opinion of him... He's a gay pig.

821 days ago


You know he's gonna use the defense of 'I'm not of sound mind since I've had the stroke'

821 days ago


The brain trauma he suffered from the tiger attack was severe. One side affect of brain trauma is inappropriate language and actions. If these people were actually professionals they would know that.

821 days ago


Eeny, meeny, miney, moe. Catch a tiger by his penis.

821 days ago


every thing they described roy doing on the tape as a common effect of severe traumatic brain injury, caused by a combo of impulse center of the brain damaged and the fact that the brain can no longer regulate the hormone excretion in the brain - the grabbing of sexual parts even to strangers, maturbating in front of every one, etc- in fact they say care givers and family should go to support groups, to help them cope becuase the patient has no control, also to teach them was to try to modify the behavior - and btw, it was roy who made statements in the press about returning the tape, it was his lawyer

821 days ago


I don't think Roy is all there. A tiger ate his head. He probably has brain damage. I'm not saying being grabby is okay but they probably should have dealt with this internally.

821 days ago


I sense a big settlement in the works! Roy's people are bluffing. They know that if the video gets out it will look really bad for Roy and suing those people will only make things worse.

821 days ago


I hope the people who are alleging this are named. So that way they will NEVER be able to work as caretakers again.

821 days ago


"Just because they require a lot of help does not give them the right to sexually abuse their caretakers. I don’t think compassion requires putting up with that."

No it doesn't, but its probably a good thing that in our world its caregivers in hospitals say don't whip out their I phones and tape inappropriate client behavior and run to lawyers. Unfortunately somethings come with the territory, whether its right or not. As professionals, which one would assume these caregivers are supposed to be, -they should know how to deal with it. One would be to remove yourself from the situation rather than stand there and wait til the recording is done.

821 days ago



821 days ago


It's hard for straight men to report sexual abuse, especially from a handicapped man. I hope he gets arrested for assault so he can experience his own verison of "OZ". smh

821 days ago
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