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Roy Horn to Caretakers

Turn Over Penis-Grabby

Video ... OR ELSE!!!

5/24/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roy Horn
from Siegfried & Roy is LIVID over video footage currently being shopped to media outlets -- depicting the Vegas icon sexually assaulting his caretakers -- and now, he's threatening legal action if the tapes aren't turned over.

TMZ broke the story ... some disturbing video of Roy -- who's been going through rehab since a tiger mauled him in 2003 -- surfaced recently, showing Roy groping his caretakers against their will. The video is now being shopped around to the highest bidder.

We've seen the 2010 footage -- and it shows several instances of inappropriate behavior ... including Roy forcibly kissing a caretaker, grabbing two caretakers' penises, tweaking one's nipples ... and more.

Now, Roy's legal team is on the offensive -- firing off a cease and desist letter to the caretaker allegedly behind the tape deal, demanding the footage be turned over STAT.

According to the letter, the caretaker in question signed confidentiality agreements with Roy before his employment, and those agreements prohibit any kind of surreptitious video recording. It's interesting, because we're told Roy was the one who wanted the cameras because he thought people were stealing from him.

Roy claims the agreements also prohibit sharing such recordings with the media.

If the tapes aren't turned over stat -- Roy says he'll make the caretaker's life a legal hell.


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My god, the man has been severely injured. It's obvious by just looking at him that he has not made full recovery. I'd say leave the guy alone.

849 days ago


Any good attorney will get your confidently agreement toss out of the door with this type of stuff going on. why the caretakers waited is really a moot point that really can’t be proven.

849 days ago


I have nothing about gays but why are they always in the news causing trouble? roy horn, talackova, harvey levin LOL

849 days ago


make this a new reality show PLEASE

849 days ago


This is crap and a violation of HIPPA, Horn should turn around and sue them for violating patient confidentiality!! I do not know the extent of or the area of the brain that was effected by his traumatic event. But, i there are times when a patient doesn't/isn't able to control their behavior and that is what we have to deal with as physical therapist and any healthcare provider. We do not have to put up with abusive behavior when people know better but when their disease process prevents them from knowing then that is just part of it, we have to redirect and work on teaching them right behavior from wrong. These physical therapist are an embarrassment to the profession and should lose their license. As a physical therapist i can't tell you how many times a pt has said vulgar things or tried to grab me, or bite me, or hit me...that is part of working with people that have had a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or suffer from dementia...and as a kid my grandfather had a stroke and he would grab any womans breast that came into reach, no matter the age...when the brain is damaged by a stroke they are not able to rationalize right from wrong!!!

849 days ago


Now I understand why the tiger attacked.

849 days ago


These lawyers are hilarious. A confidentiality agreement doesn't apply if your employer is breaking the law. I know these people just want money and someone who has been mauled by a tiger probably can't victimize you too badly, but you can't grab your employees that way without expecting to pay. Settle out of court and get it over with.

849 days ago


Americans are just too uptight! Why didn't the therapist just walk & refuse to work with Roy. This has gone on for thousands of years. Nothing new.

849 days ago


A confidentiality agreement should not be used to protect a person who sexually harasses a person.Sexual harassment is against the law.Know confidentiality agreement should protect a pervert!!

849 days ago


I'm pretty sure that the assault would trump the confidentiality agreement in a court ... especially given how he's threatening the caretakers that were assaulted. I don't care if the statute of limitations has run out or not, if someone in a position of authority (i.e. they sign your paycheck) is doing that sort of thing, it's assault.

849 days ago

Glory Bee    

Can not believe the people wanting to give Roy a pass on this because of his injuries. "Poor Roy"? "Patient confidentiality"? B.S. Show me where these caretakers were told "Oh, BTW, Roy will be grabbing your a** and your penis, but he can't help it. You okay with that?". Euro trash p.o.s.

849 days ago

Some1WhoKnows HowMostGaysAct     

This si extremely common, & nto to be doubted (maybe 5 cents out of a dollar, doubt), because the gay community is ALL about sex, in every single thing they breath. I know; I'm recently bi., but thankfully grew up hetero. The community is HIGHLY oversexed, attempting to fill internal holes of lack of true/genuinely self confidence, because they're about nothing solid, having obsesssive-compulsive behaviors in shopping, clubbing, texting & sex. It's why the very few genuinely masculine gay/bi. men are DL, & will not waste their time with almost all gays, other thna when/if they want sex, because most gays offer VERY little, in the way of character & development.. As with all truth-which-hurts, it won't be received well, but all change is uncomfortable, as the same groove, in which they ferment, they don't wish to emerge... BET U, IF ANYONE WORKED FOR THEM, WHO WAS MASCULINE OR HETERO. ACTING, THEY COULDN'T KEEP THEIR EYES/HANDS OFF THEM. HAT IS ONE OF THE MANY IMPRACTICALITIES/IDIOSYCHRACIES of the gay community; they are attracted to those who want nothing to do with them, the hetero. men. Expecting denial, from idealist leftists, or gays, who believe they can continue, still obtain a "real" man, yet never change. It's what they call "The One"....A.K.A.: unicorn hunt.

849 days ago


Soon after his emergency surgery after being mauled, Roy had a severe stroke. Brain injuries can cause drastic personality changes in a person, as well as affecting speech and mobility/dexterity.
Does anyone have complaints of a similar nature from situations *prior* to his accident? If so, then these are probably legit complaints.
When someone is "shopping" their evidence around looking for the *highest bidder*, it makes me suspect they may be trying to profit off of a patient of theirs that may be unable to make decisions wisely due to their injuries.

849 days ago


Seriously! Have any of you ever been a caregiver? You can't say that Roy's just being a pervert. I've been a CNA for a long time, and I'd had my own experiences of being touched and groped inappropriately. You take their hand, move it and ask them not to do it. I'm sure there are others out there who have been in the health care field who could agree with me when those care givers should be ashamed of themselves by being money grubbers!!

810 days ago
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