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'Sons of Anarchy'

Fight Brewing with

REAL Motorcycle Club

5/24/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0523_sons_of_anarchy_gettyThe star of "Sons of Anarchy" just got an invitation to get his face bashed in by a real-life member of a motorcycle club who has a SERIOUS beef with the creator of the show.

It's all over some pretty incendiary comments made by "Sons" creator Kurt Sutter -- aimed at the stars of "The Devils Ride" ... a Discovery Channel reality show about the Laffing Devils motorcycle club in San Diego.

Sutter's tweet read, "Watched Devils Ride. Probably get in trouble for saying this, but I'm pretty sure my SOA actors could kick the sh*t out of this 'real' MC."

Obviously, the Devils weren't happy about the statement.

TMZ spoke with a guy named Sandman -- a very scary member of the club -- who tells us, "I am concerned that Kurt's creative mind is stuck in make-believe land with his recent comment on twitter."

Sandman adds, "Here's a reality check for ya Kurt ... I am sending a personal invitation to your pretty faced Kurt Cobain look-alike star Jax to come down to San Diego and prove your point."

Yes, Sandman just challenged Charlie Hunnam to a fight.

And he ain't done yet ... Sandman continues, "And tell him to wear those shiny white kicks too. I hope he's a size 11, I could use some new shoes."

Sandman even mentioned Sutter's wife -- actress Katey Sagal -- saying, "I am a big 'Married with Children' fan, can you have Peg send me an autographed picture?  I would appreciate it."

We called Sutter for comment -- so far, no response.



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Big D    

Forgot to add all their Leather is shinny new, and so are the tattooes, maybe the tats are fake too.

859 days ago


Yea Right!! You want to know who my money is on?? it ain't the wanna be thug bragging about in on tv.

859 days ago


the laffing devils are *******. the "gang" seems like a bunch of guys that think they are cool badboys. i know some HA and they would never, in a million years, be involved with a reality show. why? because the reality is that they are bad asses and wouldnt want camera crews following them around while they do their baddass business. this guy sandman seems like he is special needs. the pres looks like he hasnt been in a fight since he got his lunch money taken from him in HS. the ex pres is a little whiney ***** who takes the gang paintballing when they are supposed to be in "church". id love to see these guys roll through lynn mass with those clown suits on.

859 days ago


@Kurt... You must not have grown up here in Southern California...

If you had you would have a little respect for *REAL* 1%'ers like you portray in your show...

Now you have put them in the trick box and must quickly learn remote VooDoo Akido to allow them to save face...

Or get your ass kicked in Malibu or some remote place when you are least expecting it...

To quote Clint Eastwood "...A man has got to know his limitations..."

859 days ago


They are all a bunch of sell outs for money. No self respecting biker would air their business on a TV show.

859 days ago


These ****tards are not a badass MC. they are so scared of the mongols that they remove their non 1% cut so they won't get beat up when they visit most of SD..

This club isn't even made up from rejects from real clubs.... they are ****ing stupid to even be on tv acting like they re something they are not... might as well called themselves wild hogs..

859 days ago


This Sandman guy is a douche! Please, no real MC would be doing a reality show! I bet the SOA could take them too! SO WHAT NOW?!

859 days ago

BB not bb    

I am not a big expert, but I think there used to be a biker culture of outlaws like there used to be hippies, but nowadays it is not the same thing. I think most biker gangs who show colors are affiliated with police or else the police would bust them. I also think that they work for the mafia and get protection that way also. They are like underworld law enforcement and the rest are just trying to look tough.

I would think that real bikers could beat up actors also, big deal. I think that actors woudln't want to fight and mess up their looks either. So this Sandman is just restating the obvious.

If you knew what real bikers did, I think you would be so disgusted that you wouldn't even watch the show. I don't think they are very nice people at all. If you watch old seventies biker movies, it seems like they are just hippies who like to fight. I really don't see this type around much any more.

I have never watched either of these shows either. Just the idea of them having a show doesn't make sense.

859 days ago


both shows are lame as all hell

859 days ago


The Devils Ride? How how about The Dorks Poser? I am okay with a motorcycle club...sharing the costs...clubhouse...the little rockers and patches...the clubhouse and having for tots rides...a news letter...even the "rumble" -BUT when they try to come off as a 1% club...they look like TOTAL dewshbags! sandman, gypsy, prancer and dancer! Don't try to be hawd when you aint hawd!

859 days ago


this is so stupid

859 days ago


Yeah this Sandman Pansy sounds Real scary.

859 days ago


The Laffing Devils are the ****.. and I would love to see any of you Haters come to San Diego and try hating to their face..I know you will get your ass kicked

859 days ago


Not defending the Laffing Devils, they are indeed lame, but they have specifically said they are NOT a 1%er MC. They are a 3 patch MC. US Military Vets is a 3 patch MC and NOT a 1% MC. But, those guys wouldn't be on TV like these guys.

859 days ago


Keep Charlie out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what kind of MC lets camera's follow them around and see what they are doing?????

859 days ago
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