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'Sons of Anarchy'

Fight Brewing with

REAL Motorcycle Club

5/24/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0523_sons_of_anarchy_gettyThe star of "Sons of Anarchy" just got an invitation to get his face bashed in by a real-life member of a motorcycle club who has a SERIOUS beef with the creator of the show.

It's all over some pretty incendiary comments made by "Sons" creator Kurt Sutter -- aimed at the stars of "The Devils Ride" ... a Discovery Channel reality show about the Laffing Devils motorcycle club in San Diego.

Sutter's tweet read, "Watched Devils Ride. Probably get in trouble for saying this, but I'm pretty sure my SOA actors could kick the sh*t out of this 'real' MC."

Obviously, the Devils weren't happy about the statement.

TMZ spoke with a guy named Sandman -- a very scary member of the club -- who tells us, "I am concerned that Kurt's creative mind is stuck in make-believe land with his recent comment on twitter."

Sandman adds, "Here's a reality check for ya Kurt ... I am sending a personal invitation to your pretty faced Kurt Cobain look-alike star Jax to come down to San Diego and prove your point."

Yes, Sandman just challenged Charlie Hunnam to a fight.

And he ain't done yet ... Sandman continues, "And tell him to wear those shiny white kicks too. I hope he's a size 11, I could use some new shoes."

Sandman even mentioned Sutter's wife -- actress Katey Sagal -- saying, "I am a big 'Married with Children' fan, can you have Peg send me an autographed picture?  I would appreciate it."

We called Sutter for comment -- so far, no response.



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How about you just leave Jax (Charlie) out of this dispute...

882 days ago


reality tv.. nice..... I personally think its a joke... just good entertainment .....

881 days ago


I think its just another reality tv show... the MC world is really cautious about being in lime light.... Hence just another T.V show to make money off of... It gives me a really good laugh to watch them...

881 days ago


sand man . i hear this coming season of SOA chuck Zito is in the club so you going challenge him bad ass ?

881 days ago


looking forware to seeing him fight Chuch Zito. he's going to be on SOA ......

881 days ago


i think that sandman and the lil devils need to worrie more about the fact that the show has millions of fans that are honerary SONS OF ANARCHY club members! and i bet our club is bigger and badder than those lil devils! sandman is just like every other bully! flick him in the nose and he pees his pants!!! take away his knife and gun and ya have a normal person playing big bad biker! so go cry to your mamma lil devils!!!! and sandman i hope charlie hunnan shows,, and has his lawyers tear you a new one after you lay hands on him! you wont get to keep the kicks in jail, so get a reality check! your not big, tough, or scarry!! oooooooo hes gonna get mad at me boo hoooo!

881 days ago


i hear Orange County Choppers is in there club

881 days ago


their not a one percent club

881 days ago


ok wtf??? Dont call out Mr. Hunnam, call out SUTTER. I bet that Mr Hunnam has a lot of respect for actual MC's.

881 days ago


You cant BUY this publicity.
Sutter needs it. Show filming now, out in Sept.
People are bored with it. They do everything to stump this little show, actors with soldiers,actors with bikers,actors selling army boots,actors at comic con,. It never ends.

879 days ago


You cant BUY this pulicity. Dream come true for Sutter.
Filming now, out it September. He NEEDS this stuff.
Has actors stumping the show everywhere, actors with soldiers,actors selling boots,actors at Bike gatherings,actors at Paley,actors at any charity event that will open its door to them.
People are done with this little show. Moving on.

879 days ago


LMAO, Are people really thinking this stupid stuff? If you want to know about real MC's you should actually do some research and get out there and see what MC's are really about before bashing something you have no idea about. Read the following and think hard before you bash someones family....
I keep hearing the word BROTHER thrown around without people actually knowing what they are saying and what it truly means. I believe the word BROTHER has become very abused in the motorcycle world these days. It seems as though if you buy a bike and a new set of leathers everyone has now become your brother. Some call it Brotherhood when sharing the wind on two wheels or riding on a few roads together but, what truly is a brotherhood?
There are Brothers in Christ, Brothers in Masonic temples, Elite military units often form a brotherhood among the members of their squad. They become brothers totally committed to one another up to and including giving their lives for one another if necessary. Men that have shared combat together have formed such close relationships as to call each other brother.
While these are no less committed to any other brotherhoods, when it comes to the motorcycle club, there is also a very strong bond among those that call themselves BROTHERS. What is a BROTHER in the MC (Motorcycle Club) world? Once you have gone through the hang-around period and the members of the club have viewed YOUR (behavior, attitude, dedication and trust and loyalty to be there) and you actually complete this period, which isn’t an easy period, you might be considered as becoming a PROSPECT. During this time YOU are put under a much more intense review and taught that which you will need to know. You and the other members of the club find out if you are suited to be a part of the club and if you can accept the other members just as much as they can accept you and call you BROTHER. Can you dedicate yourself to the others as close as you would your own flesh and blood? Many times it is an even closer commitment than family. The person that you call Brother becomes family as a part of his as well as you becoming a part of theirs.
A common phrase used in MC circles is “I am my brothers keeper”. This means you will support him and help him in any way you can, sometimes to the point of selling your bike to help him, quitting your job to go help him and, in some cases, Brothers have even done things that they already know could get them in trouble, because they were willing to take that step to help a BROTHER out. With all that commitment, it’s also that you would not ask a brother to do something drastic without very good cause. Brothers may disagree but, they will always Respect one another and treat each other with the same Respect.
Knowing all of this there are some other things you may wish to thank about. Please take note that if you haven’t had any experiences being around some the true MC communities they take the word “Brother or Bro” very seriously and they will only use those words as a show of respect towards their own club, their members, and any club they’ve also bestowed that word upon.
So, the next time you are out at a show or mixing with other bikers and you call an MC member Brother or Bro, if he blanks you off or is gruff, you should know why. Next time you feel the need to call someone Brother or Bro just what is behind it, Commitment or are you just trying to sound cool?
So, if you call me Brother and I don’t respond in kind don’t take it the wrong way because I still follow the old school values and I treat the words BROTHER and BRO with the respect they deserve and those that have earned the right to be called so.
If I call you Bro that means you have earned my respect and if I call you BROTHER you should already know the rest.

878 days ago

Gene Siskell    

What a joke. The president of the Laughing Retards looks like my freakin accountant, and the VP is a 90lb midget. The only thing 1% about these guys is they are 1% male and 99% poontang.

OFFO......don't ever come to Florida

878 days ago


Really...watched the show, they are not 1%ers. Being an ole lady of a real 1% club...this is just funny

876 days ago


Ok If they were real somebody in dago would know them and the balck and white would burn there club house to the ground get real people sandman is a washed up wwf phoney and they kick out there prerz?? right the prez would line the streets with bodies till they got a clue who was the prez........but its fun to watch all this BS on tv so the next time you see a LD kick his ass and post pics of his colors on youtube I cant wait till I get my LD colors for the shop wall oh sandman come vist me and get themn back you tard!

876 days ago
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