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Amber Portwood HANDCUFFED

Final Moments of Freedom


5/25/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0524_amber_portwood_jail_handcuffs_launch_3"Teen Mom" train wreck Amber Portwood was handcuffed and taken into custody yesterday -- after asking a judge to lock her up in prison -- and TMZ has obtained photos of her final moments as a free woman.

Amber appeared emotionless on her way into an Indiana courtroom -- where she showed up for a weekly drug court hearing -- and as we reported, she threw in the towel on the entire rehab thing.

Amber told the judge she hadn't stayed clean since he sentenced her to the rehab program following her December drug arrest ... and will always be a "bad girl" -- so she'd rather just face the 5-year prison sentence the judge originally gave her.

It was shocking, but Amber left the judge with no choice -- so he remanded her into custody.

Amber will remain in custody until her sentencing in a few weeks.


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This is news worthy because?

883 days ago

My Big Salami    

TMZ if your going to report news on nobodys please include Moesha, Eric Estrada, Fabio, Right Said Fred, The Geico Caveman, Mr. Belding from "Saved By The Bell" and Arsenio Hall..Thanks!

883 days ago

Steve Smith    

my peeniss likes this i don't know why

883 days ago


What drug is she addicted to?

883 days ago


just more worthless white trash made famous by having a kid she didnt want or know how to raise...reality tv is part of the problem in this country...everyone wants to be famous for doing nothing

883 days ago


why exactly is this news?

883 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

Who cares. F*** that girl is ugly.
What a wonderful mother she must be. Her kid is obviously lucky to have that for a Mom.

882 days ago


COME ON REALLY !?!?!!? WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT THIS UGLY FAT CHICK !!! Not even Talent... For Christ Sake She was some Loser on a MTV show about Getting knocked up while a teen.. LETS MOVE ON THIS STUPID PICTURE JUST KILLED MY CHANCES OF WACKING OFF BEFORE SLEEP !! THANKS TMZ!!!!!!!

882 days ago


hey amber hang in there. so sorry all this has happened to you.

forget all the losers who condemn you. family violence is NOT the business of anyone but those involved. the law wrecks families with stay away orders and hoops to jump thru.

and it is no business of the courts what drugs you take. what hypocrisy...Prs. Obama celebrated his drug use in his 2 books but he still supports putting people in prison for what he did.

882 days ago


She will meet many new friends inside that look remarkable like her...

882 days ago

BB not bb    

I find this very weird. I heard another person say this though, that they would rather go to prison because at least there you can smoke. I think alot of people think that drug court is too hard for some reason.

I wonder why. What are they doing to people to scare them so bad? You would think that any form of freedom is better than prison. She even has a baby to take care of.

I know sometimes the probation is in a different county from where the person actually lives. I think that if you asked, maybe they could move it to your own county.

882 days ago


Stupid/smart b****h! She's basically copping out to the 5 year sentence so she can be "free" to do what she wants when she comes out! She can do as much drugs and "whore-it-up" all she wants without getting caught! What makes her stupid is the fact that she won't be able to spend time with her kids like she needs to...but her logic:"I wasn't spending time like I was supposed to anyway! SO I SAID F**K IT!" what is wrong with these mothers???

882 days ago


Fat worthless wh0re.

882 days ago


loo9k at big fat gary carrying her purse around for her like a good stooge. this will prolly always need a man around that she can use to help herself feel better about being a horrible mother and drug addict. she cant even go to court without having her big tattooed gut hanging out in one of the pictures. SMH

882 days ago


FIVE YEARS. This girl is so stupid she thinks prison is just like jail and she can do 5 years. I know a guy doing 5 years and its driving him insane.

882 days ago
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