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Britney Spears

Day Two ... Will She Make It?

5/25/2012 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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She's baaaaaaaaaaaaack ... Britney Spears just showed up for the second day of filming "X Factor" in Austin, Texas today --  wearing the same dress as yesterday ... for continuity.

It should be exciting ... at least if it's anything like Britney's first day -- when the singer walked off the set in the middle of auditions, disappearing for four full performances.

Some sources say Britney was upset over a contestant's rendition of her song "Hold It Against Me." Others say Britney just needed a break.

But it doesn't matter -- as we first reported, Britney's got "X Factor" over a barrel ... locking down a contract that pretty much allows her to do whatever the hell she wants.

3:37 PM PT -- That's a wrap for now. The judges just finished one of today's tapings and waved goodbye to the audience ... check out all those Apple products.

0525_xfactor_judges3:32 PM PT
-- Britney just said yes to a contestant the other three judges rejected -- saying, "I'll sign you personally, sweetie." One problem ... Britney doesn't have a label.

2:25 PM PT
-- We're told Britney has had a great start to the day and seems much more confident -- even getting so bold as to disagree with Simon. She did take one short break, about five minutes, and she missed one audition ... which everyone on set was totally ok with.

1:50 PM PT -- ALL the judges are wearing the same outfits as yesterday -- and sources tell us, the reason is producers didn't get all the shots they needed on the first day of filming ... and need to fill in some gaps.

Britney already seems to be in better spirits today than yesterday ... spotted dancing behind the judges' table with Demi Lovato with Simon Cowell sitting beside them.



No Avatar


Britney can do whatever she wants! Its Britney Bitch !

847 days ago


I can't wait for this Hillbilly to have her TV meltdown. It will be ratings and comedy gold!

847 days ago


Britney = YUMMY!!!!!

847 days ago


She needs to start wearing a bra, those puppies are showing signs of sagging.

847 days ago


Tmz, can you stop obsessing and make whatever Britney does news? The only thing you have't reported (YET) is Britney goes to the bathroom.

I guess she's the only thing making you stay on business.

847 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The only thing I like about that picture is that they're endorsed by Pepsi.

847 days ago


Please tell me we are not going to be subjected to hourly updates every time she films. Its really not needed. I am sure the next hourly updates we will be subjected to is the Lindsay Lohan on the set of Liz and Dick updates. It will look something like this:

3:30 pm- Lohan just arrived on set, filming started 5 hours ago.

3:45 pm-Lohan takes a bathroom break to "powder her nose".

3:55 Lohan returns to set.

4:05- Lohan takes bathroom break.

4:15 Lohan back on set.

4:30 Lohan leaves after an tiring hour on set. Dina is proud. Ali is starving.

847 days ago

Jim in Cali    

I can't believe we are psycho analyzing everything that comes out of Britney's mouth for a stupid singing show.

847 days ago


Im not nerves at all about her cuz if she does shave her head than that a sign she rebel (sorry can't spell) against the llumation mind control crap, because remember when she shave her head she said in her (Britney For The Record) it felt like alot of things were lifted off her shoulders and she felt free and another thing we would get that sexy cursing brit brit back!!!! that just my opinion and she would have the freedom to say whatever she wanted i just hope she does not go back to that creep sam liuff lmao....

847 days ago


Didn't watch that much of X-Factor last year...but I will be watching this year. Britney, who definitely has the x-factor, is a great addition to the judging panel.

847 days ago


Yes Britney is making it and has been making it and will be making it. She looks beautiful and hot she is in great shape and in a great happy place in her life. Stop making a story out of nothing TMZ.

847 days ago


You didn't report about the nuts. She ate nuts at the judging table during several auditions, even when the judges were giving feed back. Ate them by hand with her head tossed back.

847 days ago


These shows and this format are dead-in-the-H20.

Not even Britney can save this.

847 days ago


You forgot to report about the nuts. She ate nuts at the judging table during the auditions, even while the judges were making comments to the contestants! She ate them by hand, head tossed back and all. Of course she had to spit her gum out first.

847 days ago


Why she need so many break?? she missed one auditions and everyone was ok with that!!! really how disrespectful for that person that come to audition.. She shouldn't be there....

847 days ago
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