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Britney Spears

Day Two ... Will She Make It?

5/25/2012 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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She's baaaaaaaaaaaaack ... Britney Spears just showed up for the second day of filming "X Factor" in Austin, Texas today --  wearing the same dress as yesterday ... for continuity.

It should be exciting ... at least if it's anything like Britney's first day -- when the singer walked off the set in the middle of auditions, disappearing for four full performances.

Some sources say Britney was upset over a contestant's rendition of her song "Hold It Against Me." Others say Britney just needed a break.

But it doesn't matter -- as we first reported, Britney's got "X Factor" over a barrel ... locking down a contract that pretty much allows her to do whatever the hell she wants.

3:37 PM PT -- That's a wrap for now. The judges just finished one of today's tapings and waved goodbye to the audience ... check out all those Apple products.

0525_xfactor_judges3:32 PM PT
-- Britney just said yes to a contestant the other three judges rejected -- saying, "I'll sign you personally, sweetie." One problem ... Britney doesn't have a label.

2:25 PM PT
-- We're told Britney has had a great start to the day and seems much more confident -- even getting so bold as to disagree with Simon. She did take one short break, about five minutes, and she missed one audition ... which everyone on set was totally ok with.

1:50 PM PT -- ALL the judges are wearing the same outfits as yesterday -- and sources tell us, the reason is producers didn't get all the shots they needed on the first day of filming ... and need to fill in some gaps.

Britney already seems to be in better spirits today than yesterday ... spotted dancing behind the judges' table with Demi Lovato with Simon Cowell sitting beside them.



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I think they've hired her to get everyone talk about how crazy she's going to act, and then everyone will tune in to witness it. I think it's actually cruel of X Factor to use her in this way, and even worse that the people supposedly protecting her are pimping her out for a paycheck like this. Again - if you have been deemed legally incapable of making your own decisions, how can you be hired to make decisions about others?!

883 days ago


So tired of this talentless hack getting away with everything. She cant sing, doesn't write music, produce.... she does NOTHING. Britney has cheated in this music game. Her peer musicians work HARD and put their blood sweat and tears into their music while Britney gets literally everything done for her. She might as well lay on a hammock and have people feed her grapes while all the HARD work is done by her team. How pathetic has music become when this talentless nobody is being treated like an Icon? Disgusting.
Britney was a METH addict who took her addiction to Cameron far by calling the laps and hanging out with Paris and Lindsay while neglecting her sons.
Britney didn't feel bad when she hooked upwith Federline and flaunted it right in front of his then pregnant girlfriend.
Britney brought this craziness on herself and her starving of attention. Now its boo hoo poor Britney. Instead of finally getting out of thine light she hogs it, then likes tl blame the media and put the woe is me act on.

883 days ago

Brent Jorgensen    

I personally am rooting for her. After all the crap she's gone through, she looks great & it's cool she's at least trying something. She'll calm down -- she's been in 100X stressful situations than this. Good luck Brittany!

883 days ago


WHO THE F is dressing Lovato and doing her hair and makeup, she looks like she should be auditioning for the Broadway production of "HAIR SPRAY" GAAAAAAAAAAH

883 days ago


You would think that with all this girls money and people behind her that " SHE WOULD DO SOMETHING WITH THAT RATS NEST ON HER HEAD" why does she insist on looking like a pig?Brit is a pretty girl...but I have to question her appearance ! Come on girl do something with yourself (and hair) a short miniskirt no longer cuts it at your age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

883 days ago


How could Britney be upset about someone singing one of her songs? Did they not lypsinc it good enough with auto tune?

What a joke

883 days ago


Ok guys, this is getting ridiculous. Really, really reaching to make it look like she's already failing. Give it a rest, at least wait and see what happens.

883 days ago


What a brat. Typical. She's getting a second chance, or third, or forth, but who's counting, she should be a little more thankful.

883 days ago


Who the heck is Demi Lovato?

883 days ago


Damn, you guys are harsh!!!! Give the chick a break!!

883 days ago


She is definitely a nice person but there is not much of her left after all the programming and medication they have forced down her. Hang in there and don't feed into sensationalism. -"tarotworldtour"

883 days ago

texas turd    

it's nice to see her at a good place in her life and happy. hopefully she stays on the right track and out of trouble. her two little boys need their mother!

883 days ago


TMZ, you can't just credit a picture to "Twitter". It makes no sense. It's no credit at all. Don't do that lame nonsense like the Daily Mail.

883 days ago


You can't have Britany, Simon. Your wee wee is too wee.

883 days ago


I was at taping in austin on first day. I was very disapointed in brittany spears comments. She barely said anything and when she did she said it so low and slow with no feeling. She sat in the chair huddled over like she was affaraid to be there. I hope she gets over that shyness otherwise its kinda be a long season of ridicule, And she'll be voted off next season....

883 days ago
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