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Britney Spears

She Has 'X Factor'

Over a Barrel

5/25/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The honchos at "X Factor" wanted Britney Spears so badly, they literally gave away the candy store by giving her the right to do things during production that are not "normal" ... and that includes taking breaks whenever her little heart desires.

As TMZ reported, Britney walked off the set yesterday during the first taping, leaving behind an empty judge's chair while 4 contestants did their thing.

Sources connected with the production tell us Britney was "overwhelmed" and needed to leave. People who were at the taping tell us she was upset by the audience reacting negatively to some of her comments.

Fact is ... "X Factor" wanted Britney so desperately, she was able to negotiate terms that are "unheard of" -- so say people with direct knowledge of her deal. As one source put it, "Simon is a smart and shrewd businessman who knew Britney could make his show and he was willing to give her just about anything to come on board -- and he did."

So Britney is allowed to walk off any time she wants. And that's just the beginning. Britney can do just about anything she wants ... and get $15 million in the process.

Nice work if you can get it.


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This spoiled brat is going to use her "mental illness" to get her own way the rest of her life. She has just been handed a crutch. Do not upset Britney.

791 days ago


The fact that she's still under a conservatorship suggests she likely has a mental health issue that requires a little extra consideration that the other judges may not need to have. Stress is the worst enemy of anyone with mental health issues.

791 days ago


This is total BS. I was in the audience yesterday and the whole place roared for her when she came in. Everyone there loved her and wanted her to succeed. We disagreed with her comments? She never said more than two words if that for the critiques! Most of the time she simply shook her head or nodded--never even speaking. She was the only judge that never interacted with us--the other three were super personable. Austinites are very laid back and not cutthroat--we cheered her on. She looked very bored the entire time like she hated every minute she was there. It was disappointing for us, but not a single person in the audience yelled any bad comments to her. Everyone was yelling how much they loved her. I hope she comes out of her shell, otherwise hardly worth the 15 million they paid to get her.

791 days ago

Jay W.     

Those legs..... she looks great.

791 days ago


Simon Cowell is a money-hungry douchebag. Britney is a child, and won't be able to handle X Factor and he knows it. She's going to crash and burn, and it will be a sad sight to see.
What an ass.

791 days ago


Simon is really stupid to hitch his wagon to this shaky star. At this rate, sign up Chyna and Lindsey Lohan while he's at it.

791 days ago


Well, obviously the reason they gave Britney the freedom to do whatever she wants is because they WANT her to act like a trainwreck. Do you people really think that they hired Britney because of her eye for fresh young talent? The more of a spectacle she makes of herself, the more viewers the show gets. If her conservators had her best interest at heart, then they would have turned this offer down, no matter how great the offer.

791 days ago


Harvey...I guess you don't do employee law...but I imagaine it's nothing more than a reasonable work accommodation under the federal and state law. Appears the the show went on just fine. This is exactly how the law is used...and it appears if this was an accommodation then it was reasonable. Perhaps the entertainment industry will do better by people with talent if they permit work accommodations as required under the law. Congrats to Simon and Brittany for doing it just right. A major step forward against discrimination.

791 days ago


SHE should be paying THEM just for letting her crazy azz on the show !

791 days ago


a big fat told you so simon!!!!

791 days ago


What part of "SHE ISN'T MENTALLY STABLE"....don't people get?

791 days ago


If she does have anxiety disorder, she NEEDS those breaks. When one hits, you cannot continue no matter how hard you try. Good luck to her!

791 days ago


Apparntly y'all have never watched American Idol, because the judges frequently walk out during audtions.

791 days ago


i kno there will be more than million+plus haters than million of britney's fans....... way to go ur thang...

791 days ago


So how exactly does one get that work, and is it available without life changing mental illnesses? If so sign me up immediately. I hope every aspect of her life goes well into the future and she finds some sort of happiness. When I was a kid I had a bike. It was wonderful.

791 days ago
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