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Jeff Goldblum

Scores Restraining Order

Against Scary STALKER

5/25/2012 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jeff Goldblum
just got a restraining order against the woman he claims has been stalking him since 2001.

An L.A. County judge granted a temporary restraining order today against Linda Ransom ... after Goldblum claimed she constantly followed him in public, showed up at his house uninvited, and appeared on multiple occasions at his stage performances in NYC and L.A.

Goldblum stated in legal docs, "I am frightened of Ms. Ransom and feel she poses a serious threat to my personal safety."

As TMZ previously reported ... Goldblum filed for a restraining order back in 2010 against Ransom -- around the time she was being released from a mental institution -- but the judge shut him down, saying she needed to make a "fresh threat" before an order would be granted. 


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BB not bb    

I think they used to call this having a fan. Now it is having a stalker and having them put in jail. How does she show up at his house? Isn't it gated or something? Does she just stand outside and look in?

Showing up at appearances, isn't that what an entertainer wants people to do? If you go to too many of their shows, you go to jail now? These people seem to have egos out the window. How can you act like an entertainer one second and then put someone in jail or run away or act like you hate that person as soon as you get off the stage?

These people are very phony it seems to me. I am getting kind of sick of it. The lady is labled mental besides, so I guess she would be acting kind of strange. That doesn't mean she is a killer. This is BS.

844 days ago

BB not bb    

If these stars would be a little bit nice to these alleged stalkers, maybe they would leave them alone. If he would just say hi, here is a picture, have a nice day, maybe she would be satisfied.

People don't seem to be very gracious any more. That is a problem. This leads them to be paranoid and antisocial. Maybe alot of artists are just really antisocial at heart. They would rather create than relate.

Ignoring someone is what makes them chase you. It is like a big blow to their ego or a challenge. If you just politely aknowldge them and then go about your business, they will probably just go about theirs.

844 days ago

your own luck    

I have always heard that Jeff Golblum has the biggest d___ in Hollywood. Can someone at TMZ find out if there is any truth to this.

844 days ago


This story has always baffled me, this woman has posed a threat to him for years. And the judge would not issue a RO against her when she got out of the mental health institution. How would that judge of felt if she would of hurt him or someone in his family because at the time he did not issue a current RO because she had not posed a "fresh threat". Sometimes the justice system is really flawed.

844 days ago


a "fresh threat" that is hilarious. What about a "fresh Kill" will that work. These courts will never learn.

844 days ago


That could've very well been me... I like me some JG:>)

844 days ago


Why would anyone want this old has-been, washed up actor? He hasn't done anyything in a very long time. He's so old his thing must be shivelled up by now. All you fly lovers need to find a younger hot actor to follow.

844 days ago


They got to be scary to talk Jeff who knew goldbloom was still alive.

843 days ago
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