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Kris Allen

Put 'American Idol'

Out of Its Misery

5/25/2012 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052512_chris_allen_launchStick a fork in "American Idol" ... it's done -- at least according to former champ Kris Allen, who strongly insinuated the show has run its course.

Kris -- who beat out Adam Lambert to win Season 8 -- was in LA yesterday when we asked if he caught the "Idol" finale Wednesday night. But like millions of former "Idol" fans across the country, Kris said he did NOT.

In fact, Kris said it might be time to pull the plug on "Idol" ... for good.

But it could be a case of "Bitter, party of one." Kris' latest album is only projected to sell a measly 15-20k in its first week ... and there are rumblings that he will be dropped from his record label.

So we gotta ask ... 


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king Leonidas    

Looks to me he needs a Robdechi Scarf @robdechi
because that red looking thing looks horrible!!

848 days ago


This clip would be a lot funnier if it had a narrator with a faux-Finnish accent.

848 days ago

no shit..    

only cause he sucks ASS....he should have NEVER won that show..even making it as far as he did was a waste of their time...I think it was rigged then..Adam clearly was the better singer....Go make carved wooded figurines Kris..all you are good for...

848 days ago


When does Kris say this? I didn't hear that/ Granted the show has lost it's spark, but honestly, after 11 yrs, what show wouldn't.

848 days ago

Alan Carver    

This show was done once Paula left and then Simon. Face the facts that none of these Judges have the kahunas to say the truth to these 'Idol' hopefuls. AI has only launched a few careers and that handful was only because they possessed real talent, as we can see. Phillip Phillips will be here today and forgotten tomorrow. If Allen gets cut from his label, well so be it. Nothing lasts forever but he is right Stick A Fork In AI it's done!

848 days ago


Idol has become the JENNIFER LOPEZ COMMERCIAL. She sells her products, Kohl's, her tour, her new videos, her perfume and add JLO drama by running to the stage to save Jessica and forcing Joshua to HUG HER during his exit song. FIRE JLO and bring IDOL BACK.

848 days ago


what a jealous jealous man he is..adam is more popular and much more of a singer than he is

848 days ago


what a jealous horrible man he is...what hits have u done,nothing,,,lol

848 days ago


Have you guys seen his twitter page? He cares quite a bit about Idol. He gave Jessica and Phillips compliments for weeks. Also he isn't at all about sour grapes. He compliments Adam on a regular basis and advertises people's CD via his twitter page. As for the record label where are your sources, Twitter ?!/KRISALLEN

848 days ago


To be perfectly honest, he shouldn't bite the hand that feeds him and I would be more worried about getting dropped from my record label for selling 15-20k albums in the first week, then telling a show that has been around for a long time, that actually pulls in more viewers each week then albums he can sell, that it should be removed. It just makes him sound bitter!

848 days ago


Adam Lambert's second CD is out right now
its #1
Adam's fans support him on the web,in music sales and tours
Kris is not an expert in music

848 days ago


LOL The Glamberts. LOLOLOLOLOL What a silly group of "fans". Even if I thought Lambert had any talent, I couldn't be a fan because of his "brilliant" fans.

TMZ is trash. The video and the printed words have nothing to do with each other. They're lucky Kris is a class act and doesn't spit in their leach infested faces.

848 days ago


The voting system needs to be fixed. Only one vote! per phone and computer..........No one will remember Phillip n 2 weeks......He sucks!

848 days ago


First of all, let me say that I could care less if American Idol got cancelled. The show has run it's course. Second, I am very sad that Harvey Levin has sunk to such low depths. use to be an esteemed lawyer? Are times so desperate that you must sink to the lowest of sleaze buckets? So sad.

Anyone with a pea for a brain, can see that the video doesn't say anything the article claims to say. I am amazed, TMZ, that you don't get sued for liable and/or defamation of character when you write such blatant lies. Harvey, Harvey, Harvey...when did you forget how to be a lawyer? Once again, so sad.
Thankfully most everyone knows what a trash paper you are. Of course the exception is the idiotic Sparkle Cows known as fans of Adam Lambert, who take BS and run with it because after four years they are still the biggest bitter bodies the Idol fandom has ever seen. Not only bitter, but the meanest and nastiest fandom on the face of the earth. Additionally they are not the brightest tools in the shed because they buy into crap like this.

Now..let's just say for the record, that TMZ is telling the truth. Let's just say Kris is dropped from RCA. You know what...that would make me extremely happy. I would love Kris to get as far away from Idol as he can. Let them keep Lambert and try to make a big star out of him. His sales dropped 65% from his first CD. And his song, Better Than I Know Myself tanked. The only way Adam Lambert can have a hit is if the song is bought for him like What Do Ya Want From Me from Pink and his new song by Bruno Mars. Lambert is a no talent poser and the only ones who don't know it are the cray cray and hateful glamberts.

So for me, getting Kris away from this hate and this baloney...I would be happy.

So TMZ and the Glamberts continue to spew your hate and lies. You only make yourself look like the morons you are.

848 days ago


Epic failure at making music so he puts the blame on someone else. It's not their fault...suck it up and work at it a little harder next time.

848 days ago
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