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Kristen vs. Kirsten

Who'd You Rather?

5/25/2012 2:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Now that she's done terribly portraying Bella Swan in "Twilight," Kristen Stewart enjoyed attempting a smile to pose for pics with her "On the Road" co-star Kirsten Dunst in Cannes this week.

Question is ...

More Who'd you rather?


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john durrant    

I made a mistake I'd rather do kirsten first then kristen after.. or both at the same time...

843 days ago


A lot of other websites poke fun at Kirsten's smile. Some go out of their way to only refer to her as "Snaggletooth", and you can tell that it's affected her greatly because if you look at recent pictures of her at events and whatnot, she never flashes an open-mouth smile any more.
It's a real ****ing shame. Kirsten is simply beautiful, she has an amazing smile in my opinion, and unlike many celebs that have become popular today, she's also an incredibly talented actress. Many times she *is* the movie, able to take the worst material and turn it into something watchable and entertaining.
I wish she could ignore what some people perceive her flaws to be, or what the trashy blogs are saying about her, and instead that she could just find the confidence to be happy with herself the way she is.
Many people look up to her, especially young girls, because she stays out of trouble and doesn't go out of her way to draw the wrong kind of attention to herself. She has a chance to be a positive role model and a different kind of celebrity than Hollywood tends to produce.
I hope she can keep that in mind, and just give a hearty "**** you" to the critics with every toothy grin. I, for one, can't wait to see it again.

843 days ago

Jordan Roark    

Kirsten is a class for herself
I must not say that thou wast true,
Yet let me say that thou wast fair;
And they, that lovely face who view,
Why should they ask if truth be there?

805 days ago

Jordan Roark    

Kirsten Dunst is in a Class by Herself
her presence makes all the difference
"I must not say that thou wast true,
Yet let me say that thou wast fair;
And they, that lovely face who view,
Why should they ask if truth be there?"

805 days ago


What a question to ask people! Truly no class in your profession. You stand alone in your stupidity for asking and comparing 2 very pretty girls who are who they are in their own right.

That's what's horribly wrong with our society. They are shallow enough to go there and compare two people in such a distasteful and disrespectful manner. It's why the world is like it is.. this kind of stuff spawns trash with your disgusting innuendos. S***!

Both are beautiful. Though I LOVE my girl Kirsten D, her work and her style.. give props and don't hate. Not a big Kristen S, but there's no reason to hate on anyone. People compare and talk a lot of ****.. but what if the shoe was on the other foot, or it the comparison was someone you loved or cared about? .. Different perspective isn't it? .. Stings doesn't it?

Seriously.. don't play into the nasty BS, people. It only corrupts you.

785 days ago


People say messed up **** about Kirsten Dunst because she chooses to live her life outside the facade of the industry and she picks great movie roles that set her apart from the rest of the actresses. She is not plastic and is not talentless like most Hollywood "lack-tresses".

There are a certain kind of people that gravitate to her acting and choice of films - and the directors she chooses to work with.. and that's just fine by me.. I've already bought my ticket.

785 days ago
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