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2 Chainz

Look Ma,

No Brass Knuckles!!!

5/26/2012 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525_2_chains_airport_jewelryFlashing his brass knuckle-free hands, rapper 2 Chainz was spotted at the airport in D.C. on Friday ... without incident.

As TMZ first reported, 2 Chainz was arrested for misdemeanor criminal possession at LaGuardia Airport in NYC on Tuesday after security discovered a four finger metallic ring in his carry-on bag ... and deemed it a weapon.

The "Spend It" singer is known for wearing the controversial bling -- which says "DOPE" across the front -- but he's apparently figured out it's best not to flaunt it in front of TSA.


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My Big Salami    

Whoopie Goldberg is in severe need of hand lotion!..Her knuckles are gonna crack!

888 days ago

BB not bb    

So like if I have a pen knife in my purse, the screeners at the government buildings just hold it until I come out. They don't arrest you. Why do they arrest people at the airport then? I think airports just take liberty to abuse people, maybe because they don't want them to get around.

It could be used as brass knuckles but he didn't say he was using it for that. It is kind of gangster jewlery, but you can't ban every possible item that can be used for a weapon. Then you would have to ban shoes also. I hope they don't get any ideas from that comment either.

I would boycott flying in planes if they are going to be so abusive to people. The TSA just is going too far with the searches and confiscations and now arrests. If it is legal to own this ring, why should it be illegal at an airport?

888 days ago


am I the only one that wants to take a bat to these Mr T wannabe's... it wasnt cool in the 80's

888 days ago


2 Chains looks like he has an IQ of about 25. These thugs are all incredible fools.

888 days ago


2 Chainz should change his name to Sh** for Brains.

888 days ago

jared phillips    

LOL look at his knuckles!

888 days ago


Flashing his brass knuckle-free hands... His brass, fake gold and plastic jewelry...

888 days ago


2 chainz = no brainz (still never heard of him except here on tmz)

888 days ago


POS, no matter what you're wearing or not wearing. Why allow these no talent thugs anywhere NEAR a recording studio? Oh yeah... hoodster thugs and wanna bees buy their sh**T and call it "music". Vomit.

888 days ago


Where do you find these thugs and why should we care about them?

888 days ago

brad b    

Why do we keep giving these retards money? People like this dont deserve weath and fame, they're clowns!

I guess if I had the ability to toss the race card around to get ahead, id be rich for talking over stolen beats too... What a joke!

888 days ago

Milf Biggenson    

TMZ has to stop promoting these nickel-earning, talentless douche-bag, rapping-gangsta wannabes. The whole lifestyle is disgusting. I barely recognize 25% of the people in these stories. They're either athletes nobody cares about (including the "famous" ones), reality stars nobody cares about (all of them), rappers and gangstas nobody knows or cares about or parents of rejected famous people nobody cares about. I'm thinking it might just be time to shut 'er down Harvey.

887 days ago


You think George Zimmerman would run up on that Hooded Dude???

887 days ago



887 days ago


These things were hugely popular in urban communities in the mid 80's and yes, some did use them as brass knuckles.

Why now?

Get off your lackadaisical asses and get these things off the street!


887 days ago
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