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X Factor to TMZ

'Play Nice'

5/26/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Simon Cowell and Britney Spears want TMZ to know ... despite our stories about Britney having a tough time judging "X Factor"  ... they couldn't be happier. Let's be real -- Britney says she's talking to Harvey in the video, but she's really talkin' to you.

As TMZ first reported, Britney walked off during shooting on Thursday ... leaving four contestants to sing to an empty chair. Yesterday Britney took one short break during taping, but was otherwise much more outgoing than on Day 1.

We starting poking around late yesterday because we heard rumblings that Britney might be having second thoughts, but she and Simon want to make it clear -- Britney is going nowhere.

We gotta ask ...


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Is it me or does Brit look really really old up close. Sheesh! Now I see why the cameras are always so far away from her.

881 days ago


881 days ago


Ok, I was THERE on set for the entire taping. Literally 7 feet from Britney, on the 2nd row from the judges table on the floor! And honestly Britney did really well. I was surprised, she was of course kind of quiet and only spoke when she actually had some constructive criticism to give. She wasn't harsh on the contestants except one older guy who was on the verge of being a pedophile in which she asked "who even let you out on stage? I feel uncomfortable with you just looking at me" LOL Other than that though, every contestant was genuinely talented and she did offer good advice and they all mentioned how much they respected her. They could all sing, but few commanded the stage.. I guess we'd refer to that as having 'the x factor' And she DID NOT WALK OFF!!! All of the judges left for a break and she came back a few minutes later, it was no big deal. She only missed one contestant, not 5 or however many people are claiming. She was lucid, chipper and seemed to be having fun. She ran in shaking fans' hands, and would often turn to face us b/c everyone was screaming they love her and how good she looks and she would respond back by waving to us or saying thank you and telling everyone she loved them, and often. Everyone is making this mole hill into a mountain b/c they want to see her wreck so badly, but honestly folks, you're not getting that from her. Seriously, she hasn't looked this good in a LONG time. And she's so much more involved. I'm happy it's turning out so well.

881 days ago


Simon's desperate? Ummm. How bout TMZ's desperate? TMZ jumps on EVERY move this girl makes, makes MASSIVE deals about them, even when they're of absolutely zero interest. From what I've seen of her 'X' gig she's looked fantastic, energetic, the crowds have gone absolutely hysterically wild for a glimpse of her, she's given comments no different than any other female judge (oh, but wait, Spears is the most famous and profitable human being alive, it's different with her- right, TMZ?). And hasn't she done two massive world tours the last few years without incident, which is a far more grueling task than this gig? Ah... the ypocrisy of those who are ACTUALLY desperate- gossip sites like TMZ. (And yet, here I am commenting.)

881 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Only fame whores like TMZ and Perez Hilton would put in a 30 sec ad to watch a 29 second video.

881 days ago


Play nice? She is getting paid 15 million dollars for one season. EVERY celebrity has good comments and bad comments about them. So what! Deal with it, Britney. It happens to all celebrities who are in public. Britney's fans need to grow up also. Pathetic.

881 days ago


Thats exactly what TMZ/Harvey would be doing if they didn't get these kinds of "walk off" moments on TV...."PLAYING NICE". Brittany, suck it up, every performer has been booed, went through some time of crisis, and made fun of by the press...this girl has to stop caring what people think if she's gonna sit next to Simon...or be a Pop icon.

881 days ago


Britney, TMZ is gonna beat you day after day. It is their mission. They want to bring you down. Stay strong. But I'd rather you get the hell out of there ... and do other things. Love your babies, your boyfriend and do your music !!!

881 days ago


HEY Simon X Factor SUCKS. bring back Cheryl is a judge she was GREAT on the show.

881 days ago


I cant believe this woman (britney) is in her twenties.. man she looks old as helll. her youth is gone .. she looks like shes approaching 40.. her and that lohan drug addict skank.. look old as sin..look up a picture of Dr Rovenia Brock.. this lady is 56 and come back an look at these 2 broads i just mentioned..Dr brock is 56 blk woman and looks in her 30's she has that ageless skin!

881 days ago


you TMZ are pathetic! leave britney alone! u guys are nothing compared to her. hes a pop icon and she has skills to be on the xfactor. you TMZ lives thanks to britneys gossip etc. go **** your mama!

881 days ago


I think a lot of people would like the choice of comment something like
'who cares'
or something similar.

881 days ago


I think a lot of people would like a third choice- something along the lines of 'who cares' or something equally appropriate>

881 days ago


I already can see the aging process on Britney. Hollywood celebrities age really fast!!! hahaha

881 days ago

Good riddance!    

Seriously, she sort of looks like Linda Hogan. Heavy smoking, a crappy diet, stress, and even meds, which she obviously doesn't have much of a choice about, can all contribute to looking older than your years. As for X Factor, couldn't even tell you what network or when it's on, so I'll happy miss whatever drama gets cooked up.

881 days ago
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