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Clint Eastwood's Daughter

BURNS $100k Handbag ...

For the Hell of It!

5/26/2012 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0526_tyler_shields_money_burnClint Eastwood's daughter must have waaaaaay too much money to blow, 'cause the reality TV star just lit a $100,000 Birkin bag on fire ... all for the sake of a photo shoot.

19-year-old Francesca Eastwood -- who stars in the E! show "Mrs. Eastwood and Company" -- and her celebrity photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields decided to drop some major cash on the Hermes hand bag ... just so they could DESTROY IT!

If you don't know, the luxury-item bags range from $9,000 to $150,000 a pop (this was the $100k version) which apparently made no dent in the duo's wallet, because they sliced it in half with a chain saw and then let it burn -- all while the camera captured the fashion murder on film.

So we gotta ask ...


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I don't get point of this stunt to begin with. I bet it's easy to throw away money you've never earned.
And their show SUCKS too!

879 days ago


The fact that there a damn handbag price for 100k is Blasphemous!

879 days ago


So now we can add Dina Eastwood and Frances whatever her name is to the list of bad parents! I guess because the show isn't getting ratings they have to go and behave like the disgusting kardashians and paris hilton. turns my stomach that people are in desperate times, and this moron is burning bags! Give the$100k to charity you idiot!

879 days ago


It's a fake no doubt. Nobody with a functioning brain would pay $100,000 for a handbag in the first place, unless there was a gold brick inside. In the second place, no one would light one on fire for fun and spectacle if they were stupid enough to pay that much. NO ONE.

879 days ago

BB not bb    

My first reaction is that this is sickening. There are people collecting cans to get money for food and they are just burning money like this. There are people who can barely afford to own an old junky car and then have to get rid of that due to rising costs. Then you have these people showing off how they can disrespect $100,000 worth of a purse.

It reminds me of Marie Antoinette saying "let them eat cake" when she was told the people were starving for lack of bread. As if the poor have it made and don't care to see money wasted. This must be some kind of elitist humor, like they are just so rich it doesn't matter what they do with their money.

If they said we don't care about money, so let's just give it to the poor, then that would have been interesting. This is even disrespectful to the maker of the bag, who must think it is some kind of work of art or something.

I don't know the context that they did this in, but it seems like it is in bad taste to me. It seems like a low class thing to do.

879 days ago


Well, she's so unattractive that she should disappear after the reality show.

879 days ago


Sorry but Mrs. Eastwoods show is boring...And that's just crazy what the daughter did. I Still think Clint is a great Actor.

879 days ago

Francesa burns alot    

So if I take a picture while burning down your mega-million dollar mansion, Francesca, it's all in the name of art, right? Seems the same to me.

879 days ago


Dont watch the show, dont know or care who these persons are since Clint Eastwood is a douche (personal exp).
But I do know there are homeless people in their sixties and seventies more and more. Help out those people!

879 days ago


I've lost all my respect for CE when I heard he is going to be part of the stupid reality whore business.

879 days ago

david 183    

Now she should donate 1,000,000 to a food pantry or homeless shelter. The problem is way to much money that she didn't have to work hard for.

879 days ago


The Eastwoods are not "Hollywood" people. They do not live here. The are from Northern California.

879 days ago


Respect to Tyler Shields and his photographs, I really think that they are fantastic but this is just stupid. Fair enough, if you work hard for your money (which most of these people haven't really had to since they happen to have rich fathers like Clint Eastwood) then you are entitled to spoil yourself every now and then but to take something that is so expensive and destroy it when you could be making a statement with that money in other ways, I maybe giving it to charity... well then you are a fool, certainly not an artist and definitely not someone contributing to the human gene pool in a positive way. And for those of you who say that we must get off our high horses, well you have obviously never seen a starving child before. Well, I have, I live in Africa and the hunger and poverty is disgusting! People think that making a 2 dollar donation is a big deal, 2 dollars is not even 20 rand, you can't even buy a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk for 2 dollars! Catch a wake up! I really thought that Clint Eastwoods daughter would be smarter then this and the only hope I have is that this horrible looking bag to begin with, is a fake.

879 days ago


Is it really necessary to have a $100,000 purse? What a waste of money on something so unimportant? Some people's purpose in life is to be an example of what not to do.

879 days ago


And here I thought Dena had more class than this and that Clint was a much better human being than this. To even allow such a display of wreckless behavior is appalling. I will skip this show just because these people are not worth MY time or money to support them.

879 days ago
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