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Phillip Phillips

Under the Knife on Tuesday

5/26/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips will get badly-needed surgery for a bum kidney on Tuesday, and he'll be recuperating in style in a swanky Malibu mansion ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Phillip endured immense pain during the entire competition ... the result of a congenital kidney stone problem that has already resulted in 8 surgeries.  He's been living with kidney stones that are so big they can't pass through his system.

Doctors inserted a stent into Phillip's kidney 7 weeks ago, as a temporary fix, but the pain borders on unbearable.  In fact, when Phillip went home to Georgia a week ago, his doctor urged him to throw in the towel and get the surgery immediately, but Phillip said no.

So we've learned the surgery will take place Tuesday afternoon.

Phillip's recovery is expected to take weeks -- as many as 6.  But here's the good news.  A honcho from the "A.I." production company has offered his home to Phillip and his parents for the entire recovery.


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Wow.. tmz has the most awful people commenting. Good luck with surgery and I hope you have a quick recovery Phillip! Voted for you the whole season, can't wait for you to release an album.

879 days ago


Sending Get Well Wishes...take care so you can be a Big Recording Artist Philip...

879 days ago


First of all i CANNOT STOMACH this freako. I never thought he could sing. He was always off-pitch. and the weird faces he made each week got me sick..I constantly had to put this weirdo on Mute. What the hell was all the hype about this hillbilly. Another pretty white boy wins Idol for the 4th straight year. YUK. I'm totally done with this joke of a show. And i agree with a lot of people about his Kidney Stones. I myself have had a few in my life, and yes they are painful, but after the doctors take care of the problem, you can resume your life. I believe the media, as usually build this up BIG TIME>>>>>>

879 days ago


Have um cut off your tongue while there at it!

879 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Here's how I know it's time to take American Idol off the TV.
Until I read the first sentence, I had no idea who won the "competition".
BTW, I never did get past the first sentence. Really, WTFC anymore?

879 days ago


Philip copied exactly the performance of Greg Holden on Home. He deliberately made it appear that he arranged it and was an original. Philip in a way plaigiarized Home. He did not credit the real artist... This will have a Karma... Stone is just the start.

879 days ago


Sorry about his health problems, but it's probably not a good sign to have a sickly person as your next American Idol.

879 days ago

buzz kill    

Give anyone a kidney stone and they will sing. (in pain)

879 days ago


Ya know he knocked out some great performances while dealing with all that pain ... hope they get the condition sorted out so that he doesn't have to go through any more surgeries in the future.

879 days ago


I expect him to sound better after the surgery.He sounded flat most of the time ,and still won.I see a lot of potential in him ,but he was the weakest vocalist in the field.

879 days ago


Being a 'stoner''s kidney stones, people. He will probably undergo a procedure called, 'Lithotripsy'. If he can't pass the stones with a stent, then lithotripsy is the next option. It's a procedure where the stones are blasted into many pieces so that the stones can be passed. High frequency waves will be used to blast the stones. He will have to be sadated, he and everyone in the OR will be wearing ear protection as the machine they will use makes an enormous amount of noise.
Been there, done that....Good luck Philip. Gonna be a bit sore and bruised for awhile.

879 days ago


Prayers going out to Phillip and his family. They are such awesome people and you can tell they are a very close family. Special thanks to the kind person who gave them the use of the home for his recovery's so nice to know we still have loving and giving people in this world...

879 days ago


Being a 'stoner''s kidney stones, people. He will probably undergo 'Lithotripsy'. If he can't pass the stones with a stent, then lithotripsy is the next option. It's a procedure where the stones are blasted into many pieces so that the stones can be passed. If he has a few stones that can't be passed, he definitely will be a sore puppy for a few days.

879 days ago


Love you, P2! Don't let these naysaying fools at TMZ bother you. You're a star!

879 days ago

mac the knife    

shoot.. his rah rah fans keep uttering the broken phrase. he's such an artist.. he really feels the songs.. blah.. blah.. w hen all along.. it was his kidney stones giving him the feeling..

879 days ago
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