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Taylor Hicks

'Idol' STILL Makes Stars

... Just Look at Me!!!

5/26/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" champ Kris Allen is DEAD WRONG ... the show has life in it yet ... at least according to Season 5 champ Taylor Hicks -- and his own shining success is proof.

As we reported, Kris Allen thinks it's about time "Idol" producers pulled the plug on the operation -- after this season's finale put up the lowest ratings in the show's history.

But Taylor tells TMZ, "American Idol is a juggernaut ... Because of my American Idol win, I am able to do the thing that I love most, which is to be an entertainer."

Taylor adds, "The fact that I am headlining Vegas 6 years after auditioning there and then ultimately winning AI is testament to the incredible platform the show continues to provide for me."

Taylor won "Idol" in 2006 and was signed to Arista Records. Arista dropped Taylor in 2008.


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Who is this Hicks clown? Wait a sec...I think I may have hired him to play at my kid's birthday party last summer.

883 days ago

My Big Salami    

Taylor Hicks is the reason why Idol's ratings started to plummet!...Ya he's headlining Vegas in a casino during the AFTERNOON where they also give you 2 free drink tickets and a ham sandwhich to watch his show!...Sad but true..

883 days ago


just because someone isnt winning grammys or selling out msg doesnt mean they're not successful. if they're able to do music as a LIVING then they're doing well.

883 days ago


WHat people don't understand about Taylor Hicks is that he's not fond of being a "recorded" artist -- he's actually quite successful as a live performer, and that's where his heart was always at. His albums suck because he's the type of artist that is best experienced in person. Also, he's the first and only AI contestant to be headlining in Vegas, which is actually saying something. That's the kind of thing he wants to be doing... so why begrudge him? Success is measured in various ways, and if he's happy, that the show did what he needed it to do for him. Not all of them want to be like Carrie Underwood. Many of these kids want to go to Broadway...and many have.

883 days ago


Most artists have a hard time making ends meet. Idol does make it so most of the contestants are able to do what they love and live comfortibly. Even if they are just playing weddings, fairs and bars and stuff like that.

And Taylor was never going to be a huge mega selling star. His music is more bluesie. That doesn't sell anywhere near as much as pop, rock or country.

They have had a lot more success's then any other reality show I can think of.

883 days ago


The other guy has it right. Pull the plug on that dumb karaoke show. I can't believe people watch that goofy show. The music is awful. It's like a bowling alley's karaoke night being televised.

883 days ago


Very, very few musicians get to work at music to earn a living. Many famous musicians of the past nearly starved to death. Mozart was so poor when he died that he was buried in a pauper's grave, a huge hole with his uncoffined body thrown in with a bunch of other dead bodies and lime thrown in on top of them to hurry the decomposition. So if American Idol has enabled Taylor Hicks to make a VERY good living headlining in Las Vegas, I'm thrilled for him. He seems to be a very nice person, on top of it all, rare enough these days. I doubt he'd ever come on a message board and talk trash about YOU and your lousy job. Celine Dion headlines Vegas on a multi-year contract, making millions, and she's not ashamed at all. I know there's a huge difference in the money and fame between the two, but if Taylor is happy, and I understand he is, then he's way ahead of this game.

883 days ago


Hicks begins an eight-week engagement headlining at Bally’s Las Vegas beginning Tuesday, June 26, 2012.

Hicks will be the first “American Idol” winner or finalist to secure a residency in Las Vegas, a testament to his talent and staying power as one of the show’s most beloved stars.

Hicks says, “A residency in Las Vegas is one of those opportunities an entertainer dreams about. Vegas is where Sinatra’s Rat Pack and America’s greatest talents make musical history. To join those ranks is both humbling and thrilling. My goal is to live up to that legacy of live showmanship.”

883 days ago


Hey Harvey, you so making this up, I know you and the rest of the staff listen to the video and that is NOT was Kris said and you know it, your blowing ths wayyyy out of portion, he was asked "why he thinks the show ratings were low" and he responded like everyone else thinks, the show has been for a long time and the interest is lost, he was just answering the question, you guys are getting really sloppy with your news reports.

883 days ago


He's absolutely right. Idol, and all those other talent shows are a launching pad for their careers. What they do after the show is up to them. Kris is bitter because he lacked the skills to followup and do something with his own.

883 days ago

the gernade    

taylor is a huge dork who never should of won idol in the first place and gee i wonder why the last 4 winners of idol all have been white and male with a guitar who does indy music

883 days ago


i didn't know taylor hicks was headlining vegas the past 6 years, don't that prove kris allen's point?

883 days ago


Celine Dion is a Vegas headliner, Elton John is a Vegas headliner, even CarrotTop is a Vegas Headliner. Taylor Hicks has an afternoon show at Bally's that they give free tickets too... That is not a headliner!

883 days ago


It is all about Album sales.... How many does he have vrs Carrri9e Underwood???

883 days ago


Kris Allen sounds bitter because his career sucks. I admit American Idol has turned out more duds then they have stars. Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are great the others have had short to almost no career.

883 days ago
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