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'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood

I Need Prison to


5/26/2012 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood thinks prison is the only way to save her life from a brutal drug addiction, TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us, immediately following the reality TV star's incarceration, her last drug test came back positive for the opiate-based drug Suboxone ... a highly addictive drug similar to Morphine.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Portwood admitted she can't control herself around the drug -- even buying it off the street during her court-ordered drug program.

We're told Amber believes prison is the only way to get clean because it will force her to kick the addiction cold turkey. 

Portwood is currently locked up and a judge will decide her sentence in the next couple of weeks.



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My bet - AMBER PORTWOOD NEVER will learn her lesson & comes back on drug in few months after release from prison.

843 days ago


Suboxone SAVED MY LIFE. I have been a normal & functioning person for the past 5 years because of it & have been full on antagonist opiate free for that long even through childbirth and multiple surgeries. YES I had a TON of pain but I choose Suboxone....period. It is an amazing drug & either you want to get clean or you don't. Period. Sooooo tired of Suboxone getting a bad rap! It helped me be a normal person again, a mom, a wife...Gosh I could just go on and on....

843 days ago


Suboxone is not like morphine. It is used to treat opiate addiction

843 days ago


You dorks, Suboxone is a prescribed treatment for opiate addiction. You can't get high off of it all. Subuxone just shows that you want to get off the pain meds and it's not a addicitive drug it's a month program or longer and you and your dr have to work toughter to over come this addiction. This is the frist step to wanting to get clean.Give her some credit for trying to get clean.I been there i know it's a bitch to over come this. But please do you homework before you report to the world..Thank You

843 days ago


This is probably the smartest thing that she has ever done.

843 days ago


Yeah because there are no drugs in prison!!!

843 days ago


She'll do anything to get away from her child and her responsibilities. She is definitely no Maci.

843 days ago

Peter Sc    

Rehab is generally a mix of scam and joke for those who have the money.

She is a smart girl realizing that she has a problem and she is choosing the best possible option to cure her self.

843 days ago


This doesn't make any sense. If she is having that much trouble staying clean & this drug is used to help treat opiate addiction, how come Amber just didn't ask the judge to send her to a real drug rehab center (instead of this b.s. house arrest at her grandparents house)? Is this girl (and her family) really that stupid that they'd rather she buy this drug off the streets (and risk getting in even more trouble) instead of doing it legally with a doctor & the courts consent?

I think there's more to the story. Either she's doing something worse than just suboxone or she doesn't want to comply with rest of her probation conditions. I still think it's fishy that the last time she was in court the judge told her she needed to get a REAL job (full time, no cameras) and a week later she wants to go to prison for 5 years.

843 days ago


She will just find more drugs in prison

843 days ago


a person who has never taken suboxone in their life will get high untill they build a tolerance

843 days ago


Oh Please. Don't pretend that you don't know how easy it is to get drugs in jail.

843 days ago


she just wants to do her jail time nd come out with no probation so she can get high again w.o being monitored!

843 days ago


TMZ, doctors you are not. Suboxone is not for getting high. Clearly Amber is saying this because she doesn't want to admit to the bad drugs she actually is using.

LOOK IT UP..Suboxone is to GET OFF opiates, not to get high. It is nothing like morphine. Perhaps you should consider amending or rescinding your story, as its just lazy journalism and is dangerous to people who actually use it as a tool to stay OFF drugs.

843 days ago


She will learn to regret that decission, but so be it. Off to jail lady. The judge was good to you.

843 days ago
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