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Justin Bieber

Battery Suspect

5/28/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is a suspect in a criminal battery ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Justin was in Calabasas, where he lives, just after noon Sunday at a mall called The Commons.  A paparazzo attempted to take Justin's picture and, according to law enforcement, some sort of physical altercation erupted between Justin and the camera guy.

The photog called 911, and when cops arrived Justin and GF Selena Gomez had already split. 

The photog complained of pain to his upper torso, an ambulance was summoned and he was taken to a local hospital where he was examined and released a short time later.

The photog filed a police report naming Justin as the culprit. Cops are investigating the incident as a misdemeanor battery.

Law enforcement tells us detectives want to speak with Justin, Selena and any other witnesses.

We placed a call to Justin's rep ... so far, no comment.

We're told several witnesses at the scene say after the altercation, a lawyer walked up to the photog and said he could get a lot of money out of the incident and advised the dude to call for an ambulance and file a police report. 

Witnesses also say the photog had been blocking Justin's car as the singer was trying to leave.  Justin got out of the car and asked the guy to move away but he wouldn't, and a scuffle ensued.


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He is such a pansy looking thing. He had better get the reputation that he is tougher than he looks. He will not always be famous and when that happens and there are no bodyguards, someone is going to beat the crap out of him simply because he looks like a ***.

816 days ago


I'm thinking for a couple of weeks a year there should be open season on all papparazzi. Any celebrity should be able to shoot, stuff and mount their heads on their walls.

816 days ago


In a perfect world, scandal sheet swine like this "photographer" - I put that in quotation marks to show my disdain at him defiling the name of my profession - would be embarrassed at harassing people, celebrities or not.

Justin Bieber is a celebrity, yes, and with that comes a certain expectation of run-ins with goons like this one, but that's only because we allow it to happen and let it go because of "industry practice" or "legal precedence". I'm sure some bloodsucking lawyer is proud of himself for it.

I agree with the sentiment expressed by many on here that it would have been nice if Bieber had kicked his ass. :)

816 days ago

Jenny Riley    

When you want fame you have to take everything that goes with it, including NO privacy. You lose that when you sign on the contract with the devil. Sick of hearing how these millionaires don't like the paps following their every move, yet they love the attention and money these paps get for them. They can't have it both ways. If they don't like the paps then get out of the business. Don't feel sorry for them.

816 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    


816 days ago


I call BS. Bieber is just too wimpy and feminine to be laying a beatdown on people.

816 days ago


he looks like Hillary Swanks little brother. Now she could cause some serious upper torso pain.

816 days ago


Well, if you want to be famous for lip syncing crap music to adolescent teenage girls that do not know any better these things can happen.

816 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Bieber needs to learn that the world does NOT revolve around him and he is only here for a short while, like EVERY OTHER TEEN IDOL. It doesn't matter if you are Paul McCartney (who is VERY nice btw) or Shawn Cassidy or Tiffany. Here today, gone tomorrow. If the pap refused to move his car, call the law, don't punch the guy. Justin acted like a bully wannabe.

816 days ago

Carl Wive    

How much you want to bet this was staged by Bieber's people in another futile attempt to gain street cred? Face it Biebs, no matter how many loser boxers you cling to or fake fights you create, you're not street, ever.

816 days ago


I'm on JB side in this... Damn when are these paparazzi's, trashy tabloids and gossip columns going to learn that these people they harrass by blocking, flashing lights and sticking mics in celebs and their children faces are wrong? They just don't give these celebs brakes, even disrespect them at funerals for their loves ones and chase celebs kids down in cars costing accidents Enough!!! These celebs have a life too and their private times should be their own.

When someone say leave me alone, it's because they don't want to be bother with. To continue bothering them is harrassment and should be a crime. There should be a law against paparazzi's harrassing, stalking, assaulting people, blocking and preventing them from living their lives in peace.

816 days ago

Jenny Riley    

to REBATI22 I'm not talking about normal citizens. I'm talking about celebrities who make their money off of being in front of a camera. They get special justice when they get in trouble, tons of freebies and barely have to pay any taxes. They wanted this life style. Along with that fame and fortune you have to pay your dues to the devil and giving up your privacy when you are outside of your home is the price you have to pay. Now be serious and think about this,paps only take pictures of celebrities, the rich and famous. They never take pictures of you or me (normal citizens). Celebrities should be hunted and followed at all times, that's how they stay relevant and one way they make all their money. Problem is these celebrities want to be treated like normal citizens when THEY want it and celebrities when THEY want it. Can't have it both ways. The paps are doing their job, because people like you want to know everything about your idol. You can't be mad at them when they give you what you want. If you hate the paps so much then quit idolizing idiots like JBeiber and you will put them out of business.

816 days ago


Dump that wuss Selena ! Is that his MMA fight outfit? So funny to see Justin upset. I bet he called his Mommy when he got to the car.

816 days ago


Celebrities are fair game these days. Greedy opportunists are looking to cash in by faking injuries. To do this, they try to anger the celebrity to encourage a confrontation and then they cry that they were assaulted and sue for millions. This sounds totally bogus. I think Justin should sue the pants off this creep.

816 days ago


So lemme get this straight....he got mad because this guy wanted to take his pic, so there's someone takin a picture of him gettin mad at someone who was takin his picture....LOL

(I know the guy was blocking his car from leaving)

816 days ago
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