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Lady Gaga

Fears for Her Life ...

Axes Concert in Indonesia

5/27/2012 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga
is TERRIFIED Islamic hardliners might attack her concert in Indonesia, so she cancelled it ... this according to her reps.

Gaga's management team announced today there were major security concerns regarding the June 3 gig in Jakarta -- all because a few Islamic extremists were pissed about Gaga's risque costumes and dance moves, which they felt corrupted Muslim youths.

The Indonesian Council of Ulema chairman, Cholil Ridwan, fervently urged fellow Muslims not to attend the show, saying, "It's intended to destroy the nation's morality."

Security concerns for the concert skyrocketed from such beliefs, so much so the Jakarta police refused to issue the show a permit, even though 52,000 tickets had already been sold.

With a lack of permit, and the security threats, Gaga's team threw in the towel and decided to officially cancel today.

Gaga then released a statement Sunday via Twitter saying, "I'm so very sorry to the fans and just as devastated as you if not more. You are everything to me. I will try to put together something special for you. My love for Indonesia has only grown."


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LOL Okay sorry I just think she is talentless copycat, look at me person...and I can't stand Islamic extremist but this is the first time I think they have a clue! She does affect simple minded people and let's face it, she was heading to the simple minded capital!

879 days ago


maybe it also had something to do with her pissing off most of the country with her "I wanna get lost in a lady market and buy fake Rolex" tweet after landing in Indonesia

879 days ago


No trash talk about the religious nuts who shut down your show?

879 days ago

Canada Guy    

I'm in no way a prude (but I do hate Gaga for numerous reasons), but why don't these "artists" realize that their costumes, or lack thereof go against other people's beliefs as a country, and its just not acceptable to do certain things there? It would be the same as someone coming on stage from a third world country and beating their children or women on stage here in the name of "art", because "over there" its perfectly acceptable.

879 days ago


this breaks my heart! i dont live there (thank god) but still...let the women entertain!

879 days ago


I don't blame her.

879 days ago


Gaga has always been irrelevant to my life and remains so; and, I don't see that fact ever changing for any reason.

879 days ago

Pete the Geek    

"Heckler's veto" in action. If people don't want to see Lady Gaga dance, they can quite easily avoid it by not buying a ticket and not going to her show. Indonesia is - ostensibly - a secular country so this shouldn't have happened.

879 days ago


Nothing about how a group of militants showed a picture of the 150 tickets they purchased or how they were threatening to attack her and cause mass panic during the show?

879 days ago


Wait a sec...isn't Islam a religion of peacefulness and tolerance?

Oh, nevermind...

879 days ago


Well, other countries, other views. Just do your shows were ppl wanna see you I guess.. oh well, w/e lol

879 days ago


You get less time bombing a nightclub full of surfers and killing 200 people (Indos included) - than you do for carrying a couple bricks of ganja in your boogie-board bag! Indonesia sucks really...especially Java.

879 days ago


Sad to see that a country would find that a woman that writes songs about love and acceptance would be a bad influence on their children. What's next, burn books because reading them might make them think?

879 days ago


Lady Gaga is actually talented.
Hard to tell, on her recordings her voice gets drowned out by music.
But Lady Gaga does acoustic raw performances all the time.
Her and piano and voice. She has a thick, strong voice, not weak or off tune.
.....Youtube...."Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (Live Acoustic)"

879 days ago

buzz kill    

Gaga just make me gag, she is disgusting. Sometimes even the Muslims have a point. Our country should be so concered about corrupting our youth.

879 days ago
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