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Lane Garrison

I'm Breaking Race Barrier

In Jail

5/27/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lane Garrison has become an incarcerated version of Martin Luther King Jr., trying to integrate the inmates at L.A. County Jail.

The way it works as a practical matter ... inmates traditionally stick with their own race -- they eat together, congregate together during recreational hours and so on.  And sources in the Sheriff's Dept. tell us ... the separation actually keeps the jail safer.

We're told Lane is trying to crack the race barrier and he's focusing on something universal to all ... food.  Lane is trying to get people of all races together during meal time and is telling friends it's actually starting to stick. 

Lane is saying he's been able to get African Americans, Hispanics and Caucasians to eat together and they're talking, laughing and generally getting along.

Lane's experiment may be short-lived.  He's supposed to get out of jail on June 29.  He's being held on a parole hold after his domestic violence arrest last month.


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The fact that races flock together and separate themselves from others unlike them when caged and stripped of all freedoms and in a dangerous environment is very telling, we cannot escape our true animal kingdom instincts and natural order of things, nature put that in us...

843 days ago

Nasious Cordova    

Well, well, well, isn't that special. I would say we should leave him in jail since it seems to be the only place he can make a difference-- except he'll probably get himself shanked instead of just passed around.

843 days ago


99% of the people on tmz don't know about the politics of la county jail. first off the mexicans run the place because there are so many of them.2nd they don't like the blacks. 3rd your not suppose to associate with the blacks if your a mexican or white. this guy is gonna get beat if he keeps on doing what he's doing. i was forced to beat up a fellow white inmate or "wood" because he gave food to a black man. if i didn't beat him up i would have been beaten up 10 times worse than what he got. my first night in jail the mexicans rioted against the blacks in the dorm and f'd them up. a week later the blacks retaliated and f'd the mexicans up. jail is a scary place and if you don't watch your back or stick to your race your asking for trouble. i only served 30 days but it was long enough to know that i never want to go back. this celebrity is gonna get his ass beat if he doesn't mind his p's and q's.

843 days ago

Quinn Stone    

racial harmony is OK, but domestic harmony, is completely out of the question! No-way,he's not going to hear of it! He will stick his fingers in his ears and sing LA-LA-LA! Because proving you're a big strong man who can knock out your girl is what makes for a great weekend. What a Schmuck!!

843 days ago


What Lane is doing sounds great on paper, but he won't be there long enough to finish the project. If the prison officials say that letting them hang out with their own groups keeps the prison safer, I think Lane should just sit, do his time, and keep his mouth shut

843 days ago


Since the video shows that his hand never made contact with her...were the domestic violence charges dropped?
Since the video shows his ex illegally possessing his cell phone....was she ever charged with theft? Or Conversion?
Things that make you go hmmmm....

843 days ago


Food is EVERYTHING/EVERYHERE!! Great Idea!Sit,Eat,Talk!....WHY NOT!

843 days ago


If he had worked on coming together at home he wouldn't be in jail.

843 days ago


Why does he have to wait so long to get out? Wasnt his parole officially up a week after got arrested? Why is it taking them 2 months to decide if he did infact violate parole?

843 days ago


How dare you compare him to MLK!? This creep abused a woman, he is a criminal. MLK fought for equal rights and was a great human being.

843 days ago


All this can only mean one thing: he's a bottom.

843 days ago


What happened to that bear expert who said the bears would never harm him?......oh right the bears ate him AND his girlfriend.

843 days ago


Delusional f*ck.

843 days ago


who is he?

843 days ago


Been there once, it's a lost cause. Don't know why he thinks he's Gandhi. The moment you step foot in general population, you're segregated by inmates themselves. The sheriffs support and condone the segregation for safety purposes. "Representatives" from whatever race you are welcome you and show you where your race hangs out and tells you the ins and outs.

843 days ago
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