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Simon Cowell's Advice

'X-Factor' Rejects

Should Try 'The Voice'

5/27/2012 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell
thinks just because some singers are talentless, superstar wannabes not worthy to compete on "X-Factor" ... it does not mean they wouldn't be perfect for ... "The Voice." OH SNAP!

Sources who attended the Austin "X-Factor" auditions tell TMZ ... Simon and L.A. Reid came up with the brilliant idea to mess with the NBC show by convincing bad singers to audition for "The Voice" instead.

L.A. Reid was overheard on set telling one such wannabe, "If you decide to try out again, please do it on another show." To which Simon added, "Yes, the good news is I hear 'The Voice' auditions are happening next week."

Good one guys.


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I liked to see the interactions between Paula Abdul & Simon. His new crew doesn't move me to watch. Waiting to see if Britney fails is not entertaining. I don't watch The Voice either.

847 days ago


Both shows are pretty much worthless, but each one has their own variety of "shock value": Simon for X-Factor, Christina for The Voice. Simon is the hard-to-impress prick and Christina is the drunk, half-naked train wreck has-been. She's the new Paula.

847 days ago

Elizabeth Cox    

The voice is a much better talent show than A. I. Simon is so full of himself,and now hired
She`s a has been,with a lousy voice.

847 days ago


Dang Simon wants to stir up a little publicity...His prediction of the X Factors success has fallen way short. He therefore needs attention.

847 days ago


Umm.. I've seen both and by far The Voice is WAY better. Nice try guys. The Voice shows good people not bad people just to get ratings because that's the only way to get them.

847 days ago


can you please crawl out of simon's arse? i think his wit plays much better in there than it does out here.

847 days ago


They're getting advice from Howard Stern.

It's an old Stern trick.

A brilliant one at that.

847 days ago


nof p.s.

What using a-known-Howard-Stern-technique- MEANS:

That the gloves are off.

That it's hard-ball.

That it's win-at-any-cost.

That X-Factor means business.

Love it.

847 days ago


last of it before gym p.s.

What this tells me about Simon Cowell:

He does not let his ego get in the way -

-When it comes to winning.

He'll listen to whomever-can-help.

Providing, like Stern, they have street-cred.



- does not bode well -

-for any show daring to go up against them.

Better to change nights/time slots now -

-rather than be humiliated later.

I'm super-impressed by this.

847 days ago


This addition of Howard Stern.

Combined with an eagerness and to learn.

From an acknowledged master?

Scares me.

Stern hammering from the right? (radio)

Stern AND Cowell hammering from the night?

There'll be nothing left.

A Zombie-movie is forthwith.

Quick, get your children.

Bring them inside.

It's going to be a blood-bath, for sure.

847 days ago


Half-of-my-Masters' Degree?

Came from listening to Stern on NBC, mid 80's.

Couldn't intern for him - badly wanted to -

Instead had to load trucks at UPS, etc.

Stern's invaded and conquered more markets -

Than anyone - ever - it's unprecedented -

What Stern has done -

I love the fact that Simon Cowell's gotten him.

Didn't see this coming but should have.

There'll be body parts everywhere - trust Nof.

This is just the beginning -

847 days ago


I think his comment is funny, but he should be careful. Like it or not, Britney is going to bring in the ratings, but when he makes comments like that he may alienate fans of other sing-off shows and make them not want to watch X Factor simply out of spite and hoping he will fail. I personally look forward to the X Factor (bc of Britney) and The Voice (bc I like the format of that show). Truthfully, I think BOTH shows are on simply for the sake of having a show . The judges far outshine the conestants, and the winners are quickly forgotten. I watch these shows purely for the entertainment value-not bc I really expect the world's next megastar to be discovered. But back to the point. I like Simon, and I like that he's a tough critic. He really needs to keep his trap shut though, so he doesn't undo all of the help Britney's notoriety and popularity can bring to the show.

847 days ago


What Stern taught me while at Columbia:

You don't merely solve problems -

Talk amicably about them around a table.

Rather you annihilate problems.

Blow them off the face of the Earth.

Stern's like Pacino-on-acid.

Everyone, at all times, must go.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Stern taught me that:

-I'd be fired a bunch of times and I have.

-That haters'd come out of the woodwork - yep -

-That anyone-and-everyone would get in my way.

Frustrate me, say no, confuse me.

Stern urged me, and those fortunate enough to be listening -

Not to VENTURE forth into the entertainment world.

Unless we really and truly meant BUSINESS.

That there was no PLACE for weakness.

The Governments come after him - Stern survived.

Every pressure group known to man.

Every advocate of niceness and fair play.

He's been attacked at and on every level.

Should be teaching at Harvard.

Made the President of Columbia.

Now Simon, in my book - is right up there w/him.

Brace yourself for what's coming:

It's all over for television as we once knew it.

847 days ago

bring back recent posts childish....putting down the competition too make yourself feel better...The Voice must take this as a compliment....the fact Simon even says something like that...100% bugs him the success of The Voice...

847 days ago


Yes coming from the guy that gave the public, Taylor Hicks, Kris Allen, Fantasia, Rueben etc. Now you have Britney judging, Queen of auto tune and Demi Levato, no logic there. Where is your winner from last yr? The Voice has more talent trying out by accident, then two of your judges.

847 days ago
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