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Francesca Eastwood


Destroying Birkin Bag

5/28/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_francesca_eastwood_birken_bagClint Eastwood's daughter has been bombarded with vicious online death threats after she publicly demolished a $100,000 Birkin bag in the name of art, TMZ has learned.

Francesca Eastwood, star of "Mrs. Eastwood and Company," and her BF Tyler Shields took a chain saw to the pricey bag and then LIT IT ON FIRE ... which has angered dozens of fashionistas (and many who are just economically challenged).

Eastwood has been receiving death threats via Twitter and Facebook, such as:

-- "Some of us actually have to work and live check 2 check, spoiled rotten bitch to burn 100k bag."
-- "You’re a stupid whore. How f***ing dumb can you be."
-- "You should kill urself, ungrateful bitch – wasted money when families can't eat."

Sources close to Francesca tell us ... the 19-year-old said she knew people would be shocked, but never expected this level of hatred. We're told she's been telling friends ... people just don't understand art.



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She should have donated that bag to needy charities, etc. rather then destroying it for her own benefit.

Death threats are uncalled for but I'm sure people who needed money like that have died due to lack of money for food, medical expenses and so on.

Her actions are selfish, ignorant and pathetic. And being brought up with a mother like that, she should know better!

836 days ago


Absolute genius... probably go for $200k now not to mention the ratings boost for the get Daddy to bust a cap in it and your ready for auction
*Donate the proceeds so the permanent poor move on to the next lynch mob victim

836 days ago


Maybe if any of you actually saw the show you might understand the situation...
1. This photo shoot was NOT HER IDEA. It was the photographer who came up with the concept of the pictures. He came to her and said "Hey, this is what I want you to do." She was simply the model.
2. The entire episode showed her stepmom saying how disgusting it is to own a bag that costs that much money. And Francesca agreed with her after seeing her point.
3. The whole point of the photo shoot was to show people how purchasing a $100,000 bag is basically the same thing as setting your money on fire because it's so ridiculous. The photographer was trying to make a point about consumerism and the rich elitists who throw their wealth around like it's nothing.
4. The people calling her a stupid brat and a spoiled, immature rich girl and saying how she needs to grow up and act like a lady obviously need to take their own advice because a grown, respectable adult wouldn't call out a 19-year-old girl by calling her such disgusting names and judging her life without knowing anything about her. She's not the one that needs to grow up; the people calling her four-letter-words are the ones that desperately need to grow up.

832 days ago


this is the dumbest thing i have ever seen. this has nothing to do with art. people are starving and beign kicked out of their houses and cannot find a job, and they burn $100k? And this was supposed to show that she learned her lesson? I wanted to support this show, but it is just too stupid and horrific. also, why would dina throw the stuff away instead of donating it to the homeless or a church, etc.? btw, tyler is dispicable and probably psychotic. watch out for that lunatic.

821 days ago

Joy R    

I, as some others do, tend to think right away "spoiled little rich girl. never had to work for anything and does not realize the value of money!" .
Then I stop myself, it's her money, hers to spend as she wants. I hear how she has no idiea why people are so agitated to even threatening violence. Well I kind of understand it, and I want to explain to her and anyone else while it is her money, there are people in this world,, and the numbers are growing, that struggle to pay their bills. And its not just bills anymore, its whether or not we're having hotdogs all week, maybe splurge with hamburger. (I remember when the splurge was steak, and hamburger was what we settled for.)
My point is I for one, get angry when I am shopping for my family and I cant buy what we need, it used to be I couldnt buy what we want but always got what we need. but now I cant support my family's needs. When I see such waste and what I and countless others could have done with 10% of what that handbag (and how can anyone sleep knowing they paid $100,000 for a handbag when there are children going hungry in their own country? in their own state?)
I have never felt comfortable wasting money, but these days I feel so inadequate and such a failure, for some the anger gets fired inward and causes depression, while others deal with it by turning anger on to others . neither of which does any good at all.
So yes, I am angry that there is such waste, but it is what it is. But I cant help but wonder how does she live with herself. or for that matter the people that sells handbags for $100,000.

782 days ago
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