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Lindsay Lohan

Chased Down Over $40k

Tanning Bill Judgment

5/28/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may have to stash some of her "Liz and Dick" money in the Caymans, because a tanning salon is going after her with a vengeance for not paying a judgment for a humongous tanning bill.

It's been 9 months since a Nevada judge ordered Lindsay to pay the $40,000 bill to the salon and -- surprise, she hasn't paid a cent. Now the salon is trying to get the matter moved to California, so it can attach Lindsay's assets to satisfy the judgment.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay racked up the bill for intense bronzing between 2007-2009, courtesy of Tanning Vegas, located in Nevada.

Calls to Lindsay's camp weren't returned.


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Jeff Hussel    

Don't these people know you can get a free tan from the great outdoors!

772 days ago



Lindsay Lohan Still Hollywood’s Baddest Girl — Rolling In Debt! BY Renier Palland on May 28, 2012 | 0 Comments and 1 Reaction | Related : Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t had the best of careers, to say the least. She has had more legal troubles than Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson combined, and she has been labeled as a “high risk” actress, making film studios weary of casting her. This bad girl from the film business has been the butt of bad bar jokes for the past five years and it seems that there’s no cessation to Lindsay’s polarity.

A recent TMZ article revealed that Lindsay Lohan owes $40,000 to a tanning salon called Tanning Vegas in Nevada and they’re hunting her down to pay the bill. This is not the first time Lindsay owed money to someone. In a recent January article in The Huffington Post, it was revealed that Lindsay owes $93,000 to the IRS in unpaid taxes, stating Lindsay “THOUGHT she had accountants taking care of that.”

This might have been a Freaky Friday for Lindsay, but she has had 9 months worth of Freaky Fridays to pay the tanning bill. A judge ordered Lindsay to pay, but Lindsay is a stubborn one and has not paid one single cent to the business. She allegedly racked up the bill between 2007 and 2009. No wonder Lindsay’s always slightly more orange than her counterparts — no person can tan that much in a three year period!

Lorit Simon, the owner of the tanning salon, sued Lindsay for the $40,000 amount, including lawyers’ fees and interest. Simon has sued Lindsay before, accusing her of stealing her secret formula and releasing it under Lindsay’s Sevin Nyne label.

Is Lindsay Lohan being milked again? Or is Lorit Simon really, truly fed-up with Lohan’s antics? It will be interesting to see who acts as the victim in this case, as there’s nothing more embarrassing for a Hollywood celeb to be called out on their refusal to pay a tanning salon.

Orange is so last season

772 days ago


Dress like a princess
Fight like a whore
Smoke like a chimney
Steal from the poor

772 days ago


She always had to look her splotchy best. Have you ever seen Lindsay with a good tan? It always looked awful. You would think that if you spend that kind of money at least you would have every part of your body covered.

772 days ago


Taylor Swift has just donated four million dollars to a worthwhile charity. Four million dollars. Has Linds ever donated so much as quarter? Anything? EnableTurds - please demonstrate her world-class altruism. There must be something.....

772 days ago

brown dynamite    

40K? I know a big bright star that gives you the same tanning affects, it's called the sun. And it's free.

772 days ago

Mike H.    

And she is out of jail again.....WHY????!!!

772 days ago


TMZ is so desperate without any stories about her and create this absolutely fake stories. C'mon!

LiLovers, follow @LohanWorld :)

772 days ago


easy way to get their money back, put a lien on her new job paycheck!
With that amount owed she could of bought her own hi tech tanning bed!

772 days ago


I am confused...she has no money...clearly doesn't want to work -her work ethic shows it...views legal system there for some rest...and still thinks she is a starlet. What happened to the young girl in the Parent Trap. Oh her parents trapped her into their cash cow.

772 days ago



"There was that time she got booted out of the LA Women's Center and decided she would drag her ass over to the Red Cross hoping Judge Starstruck would let her stay there for her CS. Then Judge S decided that was bullsh!t and said that none of the Red Cross hours counted toward her sentence...and that Lindsay should just call that volunteer work. That was one of the rare instances I thought the judge did her job well".

Boobs Akimbo, it was the ONE TIME Judge Starstruck actually conducted herself like, well, a 'real' judge! Completely concur.

772 days ago


Today we learn from manly man Larry Carden's daily Lindsay affirmation that our little man has out-of-body experiences.

Larry Carden: I feel lm in store shopping with you..having fun.

772 days ago

John Eimen    

It's back to the freckling salons for Lindsay!!!

772 days ago


@BINHO says "C'mon! LiLovers, follow @LohanWorld :)"

Yes folks, come on over to LohanWorld. Feel free to check your brains at the gate and leave your troubles behind. Run free through the golden fields where gravity is merely an opinion and unicorn farts smell like cotton candy.

772 days ago


How much moolah has been wasted on this stupid "Linds Taylor" campaign? Seriously. I don't recall any TV station in history ever foisting such a massive media blitz for a throwaway infomercial-quality movie. It's everywhere: Linds to STAR in "Liz $ Dick"!!!!!!!!

Big deal. Movies - quality and less-than-quality alike - are produced all day, every day. Has any other TV-movie player EVER garnered this ridiculous amount of attention for a 2-hour yawn which stands a better-than-not chance of collapse before it's even completed?
This is beyond silly, and it smacks of absolute desperation. This "film" must already be destined to bomb. More loot has already been flushed to inundate the Internet with up-to-the-nanosecond "news" updates for this travesty than will ever be earned from it.


772 days ago
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