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Lindsay Lohan

Chased Down Over $40k

Tanning Bill Judgment

5/28/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may have to stash some of her "Liz and Dick" money in the Caymans, because a tanning salon is going after her with a vengeance for not paying a judgment for a humongous tanning bill.

It's been 9 months since a Nevada judge ordered Lindsay to pay the $40,000 bill to the salon and -- surprise, she hasn't paid a cent. Now the salon is trying to get the matter moved to California, so it can attach Lindsay's assets to satisfy the judgment.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay racked up the bill for intense bronzing between 2007-2009, courtesy of Tanning Vegas, located in Nevada.

Calls to Lindsay's camp weren't returned.


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Lohan made more from playboy than she is going to make from Lifetime. That is why she was selected. She's cheap. As rotten as her name and reputation is it's still a name of some sort.

Lifetime is trying to snag the ratings that SNL got o seeing Lohan fall flat on her face which she did. But, Lorne Michaels is no fool he knew there would be ratings and that's all that mattered.

There is a big difference between a live show over and done in 90 minutes and not rehearsing or prepaird than that of even a low budget cheezy cable tv movie.

It's been reported Lohan has already being a complete nightmare and shooting hasn't even started.

Good Luck Lifetime. Hope the ratings if any will cover your losses that no doubt Lohan will cost dearly the entire production (chances are the production costs and delays will well exceed her salary.) No big deal to Lohan she's paid.

848 days ago


Vegas Tan just wants their 15 minutes of fame.
And they're just jealous of her.
They are stalking her.
LaShawn will take care of it.

Vegas Tan is out to get her.

848 days ago


Madisyn, it's a mobile tan unit, so I believe they were probably tanning her in LA, not Vegas, but the company is out of Vegas.

848 days ago


Hey Lindsay, whenever you get tired and want to have a seat, my face is available. You're yummy!!

848 days ago


Doesnt the salon take payments in the form of co-co-co-co-cocaine?????????

848 days ago


Off topic but has anyone seen Lindsay is now calling herself Dame Lindsay? This b*tch really thinks she is the second coming of Liz Taylor. She also has been retweeting LT qoutes but she leaves out the one where Taylor disses the rumor of this trasy cable tv movie about her life. Lindsay also forgot to retweet Liz Taylor stating that the only person who will ever play Liz Taylor is Liz Taylor herself. Selective retweeting!

848 days ago


Does anyone in her family take responsibility for what they do?

She was obviously brought up without a conscience.

Over the past few years, I've found three purses and a checkbook, and returned every one of them to their owners. And last week, a grocery cart with another purse and groceries sitting in the parking lot. I was scared that the person had been kidnapped. I took it inside and customer service took care of it and found the woman.

I was brought up by parents that taught me right from wrong. I don't think this happened with Lindsay.

Her parents are to blame, but it's up to her to quit this cycle and become responsible.

848 days ago

help this young woman    

Well it is quite obvious to me that all the tanning chemicals absorbed has caused brain dysfunction requiring weekly retail and spa therapy at Cannes.

848 days ago

Joan K    

Loser Lindsay, she is old news already and is not going anywhere,,anymore. Bye, bye Loser.

848 days ago


Get real, tanning salon owner is a gold digger.
No such thing as a $40,000 tanning bill, even with travel expense....not surprised Lindsay refuses to pay.
It's about $37,000 more than it should be.

848 days ago


It is against the law to not pay a judgment that a judge has ordered you to pay so she should be arrested especially since that is a violation of her probation! She is supposed to obey all laws! Hey TMZ why don't you explain why she has not been arrested for this? She just got a million dollars for the playboy shoot but she has the nerve to not pay her 40K bill! She is a disgusting horrible person! She seems to have money to pay off her accusers and buy expensive cars but not pay her bills.

848 days ago



Lindsay 'accidently' walked out of a store (giving her the benefit of the doubt here, and as the enablers would like you to believe), and then was seen wearing it a week later, I think that tells you exactly what type of person Lindsay is. I can't imagine she'd EVER return a found purse/wallet/anything!

848 days ago

help this young woman    

Lindsay Lohan’s tumultuous career faces a new obstacle with a lawsuit filed against the starlet in a Nevada district court. Lorit Simon, represented by Snell & Wilmer L.L.P.‘s Las Vegas office, filed a complaint this month alleging that Lohan failed to provide payment for mobile tanning services. The complaint alleges that Lohan entered into various agreements with Simon, doing business as Tanning Vegas, beginning in November 2007. The alleged agreements provided for Simon to travel to numerous locations and supply mobile tanning services in exchange for payment by Lohan. Simon claims the agreements with Lohan lasted until May 2009. After providing mobile tanning services, Simon issued invoices declaring that payment for the mobile tanning services were to be received within fourteen days, and that late charges were applicable. The  complaint aslo alleges that Lohan breached the agreement and owes Simon $41,03160... plus late fees. Simon, claiming breach of contract and unjust enrichment, is seeking in excess of $10,000 for each claim, attorney’s fees, and prejudgment interest on all amounts.

848 days ago


Take a gander..... aren't these two just the quintessential Hollywood power couple? Total embodiment of "Dick & Liz". Just look at them..... then send that casting "agent" a check.

The "comments" section is merely a bonus. Enjoy!

848 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Her eyes look so good in this picture.
She would be wise to not to do anything civil related until August.

848 days ago
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