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Lindsay Lohan

Chased Down Over $40k

Tanning Bill Judgment

5/28/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may have to stash some of her "Liz and Dick" money in the Caymans, because a tanning salon is going after her with a vengeance for not paying a judgment for a humongous tanning bill.

It's been 9 months since a Nevada judge ordered Lindsay to pay the $40,000 bill to the salon and -- surprise, she hasn't paid a cent. Now the salon is trying to get the matter moved to California, so it can attach Lindsay's assets to satisfy the judgment.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay racked up the bill for intense bronzing between 2007-2009, courtesy of Tanning Vegas, located in Nevada.

Calls to Lindsay's camp weren't returned.


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help this young woman's tumultuous career faces a new obstacle with a lawsuit filed against it for plagiarism, gross stupidity, and theft of oxygen required by higher life forms.
<. Lorit Simon, represented by Snell & Wilmer L.L.P.‘s Las Vegas office, filed a complaint this month Hellp failed to provide any sort of intelligent discourse resorting to cutting and pasting internet articles she clearly didn't comprehend.
. The complaint alleges that Hellp entered into various agreements with known racist Sheet Wearer doing business as Douchebag, Baglady Bully and Rimcat, beginning in November 2011.

878 days ago


RC wants to marry Lorit Simon so they can be known as Simon & Carbuncle

878 days ago


Lohan not a word. Simply because it's true. Blame game time. She owes money. Hey, take a number.

Lifetimes low budget cheezy made for cable movie, Lohan will have professional wigs, make-up , contact lenses and whatever it takes to look like Elizabeth Taylor. What Lohan will never have is talent.

878 days ago


I'd think you could buy a tanning SALON for $40,

878 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

HELL(p) has brought up the face eating story a couple of times now. HELL(p) seems to be strangely attracted to this story. Jeffrey Dahmer much HELL(p)? Do these kind of things usually fascinate you HELL(p)?

878 days ago



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878 days ago


Whatever money Linds cheats Lifetime out of is already gone. 70% for Vegas Tan via wage attachment leaves little. Between Dawn Holland's one-million-dollar payoff, all the loot wasted on this stupid "Liz Taylor campaign" and tomorrow's box of cocaine, Linds explodes awake several hundred thousand dollars further in debt. Daily. Must be "up to" several million right now.

In case you've not been paying attention, nowhere in television history has any station felt the need to pay for advertising for a throwaway TV movie that no one will watch, much less buy the sponsor's products. If anything, most will participate in a boycott of their rubbish. The campaign is paid for by Vikram. I can't wait until Vikram finds a more agreeable clam. Even with his trillions, he can't buy Linds a comeback.... he needs to buy an audience as well. I'll volunteer to watch. For one million.

Proctor $ Gamble, Monistat.... are you listening?

878 days ago


In case anyone doesn't remember the tune to
Be A Hater

878 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

FU, out of shame Lindsay's accountants no longer communicate with her via conventional methods. They will only communicate her daily debt on Twitter under "new followers". Far as I can tell, she seems to be running 5 to 9K in the red daily. Check with RC, he'll know for sure.

878 days ago


In a salute to Hilary Duff



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878 days ago


Wow, TMZ doing some creative deleting again.....???? Who this time...? We dropped back about 5 this time....

878 days ago


Is she in for 40 large for that spray on crap or bed and hex treatments? I only know about the "hex" from my sister, for the record.

878 days ago


I still don't understand why she doesn't pay her bills. She had the money back then (and might now too). If the IRS has declared she owes back taxes she does have money from her income last year.

Isn't she still paying off her court fines?

Her upbringing sucked and she isn't living in reality. I really see absolutely no hope for her anymore (and it's 100% her own fault).

878 days ago


I am very thinned shin have to avoid the sun a I tried on of those spay tanning things one time at Myrtle Beach,....time I got dressed and came out of there....I looked just like a Creamcicle in reverve...white on top and orange all over....funniest thing you ever saw....I must have showed and scrubbed 10 that night just to get light enough to go out again I was so embarressed...Never do that againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

878 days ago


Orange you being a little jealous. Orange is the color of the one percent.

878 days ago
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